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When The Game Doesn't Make Sense


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  • Not Jiburirᴜ On 2019-11-30 22:13:51
  • 5 seals for 187 ingots.... you're buying it with ingots, if you look at it another way, 10 seals for 374 ingots ~ putting in 300 ingots in a monthly card gives you 1800 coupons over a month which gives around 15 for buying them outright; ingots have a much higher value than coupons,

    comparing normal coupon prices and discounting them to be brought for ingots makes no sense because in reality you're not being discounted and you'd be ineffectively using the premium currency

I have been advocating this forever. Ingots have a higher value than coupons. Back in the hay day, I actually did the math on it and essentially put it at 3.8 coupons per ingot (this was before the plat monthly card came out). Rounding up, (for simplicity) its essentially a 4 to 1 ratio.

When paying for ANYTHING with ingots, you have to consider its value in proportion to this ratio. For a seal scroll to be worth it, the ingot cost needs to be 31 per seal scroll. (or more accurately, 31.25). This is based on the 125 cost in the shop with no discount. If you factor in that there are a plethora of ways to get seal scrolls on discounts, then the price should be MUCH less.

Out of EVERYTHING in this event, there is only ONE thing that comes close to being worth it. I'm not going to mention it for fear that the price will increase in future releases. Why won't I say? I have seen the increase in price of Adv skill trial packs from 100 to 110 for no good reason, which really defeats the purpose of "the deal." Yes, its something I want and need.

As opposed to "high spenders" vs low spenders and f2p, that mentality you cant really apply it here. They think on a different level and have the resources to be able to think that way. It's like a middle class person vs a wealthy person owning a Lamborghini Sure, its POSSIBLE to own it, but the maintenance on a car like that is extremely high Average is 15-50k. So while a "whale" can drop 3k and get their Obito or Ronin Naruto and not phase them, everyone else would see that as not practical. Nevermind the concept of "saving coupons" via monthly cards.

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  • Pupsiiiii On 2019-12-01 05:16:52
  • A very unpractical value ratio. How many ingots a week can you convert with this ratio? Unless you only recharge for the cards themselfs, this maximazation thery is of no use, since you cannot apply to most of your ingots (if f.e. you recharge 5k ingots / week).

Its pure math, if you don't see that, then I can't help you. If YOU choose to not value your ingots in this manner, then of course they are worthless to you. There are a variety of ways how one can convert ingots into coupons. Literally every month you can up too and including naruto froggy. Just because YOU ARE IMPATIENT doesn't mean that the value of these ingots aren't 4-1 or more.

You can argue until you are blue in the face, the math is all that matters. Don't mix apples to oranges about recharging 150k ingots over a short period vs the average (and majority) that recharge 100 bucks a month. The value is there, regardless if you decide to just toss it down the drain by buying things with them for a seemingly slight discount.

Also, the idea that the average player recharges 5,000 ingots per week is really reaching, and only serves to fit YOUR argument instead of the actual reason at hand: Ingots hold a higher value....of 4 coupons to 1 ingot. Period.

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  • Pupsiiiii On 2019-12-01 06:03:20
  • Yes, the math is the math. Here is a good tip for life: become a professional poker player and only play in freerolls. Win 0.01$ and your Return on Investment will be, literally, infinite.

    I have never claimed, that the average player recharges 5k ingots a week. What a nonsense.

    My argument was the same from the very beginning; the ratio only applies to a very limited amount of ingots and many players will not chose to optimize and not recharge a single ingot more.

    It's not about impatience. It's about what you want from the game. Your way of patience, is good for low spenders, I never challenged that. But unless your goal is a PvE-Goal, and not a PvP-Goal this limited spending "patience" of yours will never allow you to reach your goal. Unless it is owning a certain ninja, or beating highest Ninja Exam. Then good luck to you.

    Me, yes, I am happy about this addition still, since my goal never was to reach optimum ratio of coupons to ingots, but just do whatever I want and please.

Funny, because a professional poker player plays in ALL events available to them, and they would use the MATH to make the best decisions in a hand instead of relying on pure feel. Playing in any and ALL freerolls IS +EV (seeing as I'm actually a poker player, tough luck for you). I would love for you to actually try and talk to some REAL poker players and tell them wait....CONVINCE THEM not to implement ICM (that stands for Independent Chip Model, because I doubt you really are a player) when deciding on a chop in a tournament final table. Naw, "do what you want and please." See how that works out for you in the long run in the poker world.

The fact that you are using EMOTIONS to make decisions shows just WHY you can't see the value for ingots as to what they are. (Or you are choosing to ignore the actual topic and trying to alter it into something else).

"It's not about impatience..." ??? This game is LITERALLY about patience and saving, milking events for all they are worth, and getting freebies every single week. This game and its pricing and "GATCHA" mechanics take advantage of the players that "GOTTA HAVE IT NOW" instead of piecing items, ninjas, clothing together, etc. There is NEVER a time in which having a ninja first or right away will make or break someone with some RARE exceptions.....and those rare exceptions are most likely tucked away behind a paywall of recharging tens of thousands of ingots just to have. If that is the case, that won't really matter to the average player of having that right away, will it?

"I have never claimed that the average player recharges 5k......" Then why did you suddenly throw out that example as it was standard? It really makes no sense unless the IMPLICATION is to assume that the average player does this.....which I can assure you they do not.

"The ratio only applies to a very limited amount of ingots...." No, that isn't how an economy works. The value is ALWAYS present. The value of your dollar doesn't change when shopping on a normal day versus a sale day. You can get MORE value for your buck during a sale, but if they mark it up to 4 times and then say its 60% off, then you aren't really getting the proper value, aren't you? (Might be a confusing example, but everyone knows that there are "marked up discounts" particularly at jewelry stores. You get the example, don't pretend or change it into something else please.

You are literally changing the argument at hand to.....why again? Win the argument and have the last word? Its about VALUE....and ingots HOLD A HIGHER VALUE than coupons. P E R I O D.

It isn't about what one wants or not, nor is it about patience vs impatience......the TOPIC is and has always been about VALUE. On a very basic level, as I mentioned before, ingots are more valuable than coupons. If you want to factor in time, progress, cross / multiple rebate events, then it becomes more complex, but the BASIS of it comes to that 4 to 1 ratio. Plain and simple.

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