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PVP Lineup help(any main)


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Hello. I really need your help with setting up my lineup. Recently, a lot of good ninjas were almost for free(Shisui, Swimsuit Temari, etc), so I thought there are a lot of opportunities for me to upgrade my team. As I want to climb up in Arena, I'd be more than happy with one really good team, but if you could help me with Ranked(3 squads, 2 mainless) I'll be really grateful. I don't really care about Main, but I played as water for my whole Naruto Online career

I know searching ninjas in picture could be annoying(although I leveled up useful characters), so in my opinion, the highlights are:

-Full BT Kurenai

-Kabuto Sage Mode

-Kushina Uzumaki (Red Hot Blooded Habanero)

-Shisui Kotoamatsukami (I got Itachi Anbu too)

There's a picture too:


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