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This might sound dumb (Caution Idiocy ahead)


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So, I been playing for bout good 2-3 years now i took a 8 month break....but I always wonder why couldn't we have a main's appearing but another main ability.

Like as many of us know earth main the dominate main to use, but we also know 90% of his outfit's/design are bad.

So I always wonder like me I love fire main (mainly cause he a trap z.z) but I love fire main and I won't lie I wish I could use earth main kit on a fire main character but have fire main titled earth unit and have a 100% earth main kit and cant have access to his fire kit, best way I could explain.

Or Wind main using water main abilities and mark as a water unit and can't do dance of impetus but get to do shark bombing.

I don't know it just my little pet peeve or rather desire and some to all of you would say it dumb but ehhh just a taught that came across my mind.

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Well. Thing is...Oasis does only chose to implemate things. They could not do this, even if they wanted to. But I am sure they will forward it to tencent.....(who will kill it, because it costs to produce and does not gain any money)

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