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[ PVP ] What do people actually think of the PVP in this game?


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To me it always seems like a coin toss? you either fight a team with a lot less, or a lot more power than your team... so you have an easy win, or an easy loss. I feel like I am flipping a coin and mostly losing on the basis of taking on much higher power teams. So really , would say their isn't any true PVP, but rather coin tosses. What does everyone else think? Does the PVP change as you continue to play?


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Zenith is best for F2p I would agree, unfortunately I have no time for that XD There is so much more I have to do when Christmas is Near~ XD

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In my opinion, zenith is the best event for the rewards and how hard it is (would like it more if we could lose at least once and get every reward). Plus you get to find the usefulness of old character nobody use in their main team anymore. Plus, it's about skills and luck mainly.

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Definitly Zenith the best pvp mod so far, rest is p2w. Zenith is the only feature which doesnt give any advantages to the p2w ... So Pupsiii come men u are so much spoted

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As a P2W the only interesting thing to me is pretty much the later rounds of Space Time. Sometimes there are good fights in GNW as well.

It's no fun to Pos1 * away player after player that is weaker than you in Sage, or Matsuri.

Ranked Arena is fun. Training Arena, people just retreat when they are slower. So that one is meh....

Zenith is ok-ish.....could be improved with two easy changes:

1) Give us one more day of play

2) Make the Main character pickable in the draft (just give like an extra currency, that allows us to pick a main - only ONE not 5).

The only mains you can really go in "blind" into the draft are Wind and Fire main. Since both players would have access to all the mains and the same ninjas are pickable this would make it much more skillful.

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