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[ PVP ] What do people actually think of the PVP in this game?


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As a P2W the only interesting thing to me is pretty much the later rounds of Space Time. Sometimes there are good fights in GNW as well.

It's no fun to Pos1 * away player after player that is weaker than you in Sage, or Matsuri.

Ranked Arena is fun. Training Arena, people just retreat when they are slower. So that one is meh....

Zenith is ok-ish.....could be improved with two easy changes:

1) Give us one more day of play

2) Make the Main character pickable in the draft (just give like an extra currency, that allows us to pick a main - only ONE not 5).

The only mains you can really go in "blind" into the draft are Wind and Fire main. Since both players would have access to all the mains and the same ninjas are pickable this would make it much more skillful.

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