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Errors in the game notify me<x>ta change


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Too much control in the game failed to start to come up. I think the reason is to prevent the defeat of mercenaries. If a character like Naruto ronin stays in control, he becomes a useless character like immobile. And they can't sell any of the ninjas given recently. I don't think it's a big coincidence. The main characteristics of Edo Madara, Kimono Itachi, Shisui susanoo are obvious.The players are trying to form a ninja that is compatible with the structure of their team. But the game is doing its best not to defeat the mercenaries. In the last 15 days there has been a steady increase in control failed errors, as well as a ridiculous situation where opponents are faster when they throw their skills at fast-moving players. You might say that this might be related to ninja assists but the following problem occurs when the character can't get the boosts he would get. This means that the damage you will get in the battle is 1 turn more than your defense and 1 turn. If a player gets skill faster than position 3 when he presses skill from position 1 even though he is fast in the beginning of the game, no logical explanation can be made here.

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