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[ PVP ] Strategy for low initiative


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if my init lower than enemy

what the best strategy to counter?

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Gaara kazekage skillbroke, kushina habanero, or some other ninja that lowers mystery cool down by being attacked Position 1. Place lower initiative tool on this ninja. Position 2 control ninja like edo itachi, ibiki, or some mains with highest initiative tool. Position 3 and 4 fill with supports that fit based on position 1 and 2 ninjas with left over tools. Basic strategy is to use your position 2 to take control over opponents position 1 taking away their initiative advantage.

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I always went with the game theory of, "if you can't beat their Turn 1, be faster than their turn 2." Unless you are not faster than say, 80% of the people on your server/cluster, this might hurt you in the long run, especially in sage. But in a more controlled atmosphere, say Space Time, it could be worth a shot. But if the power gap is just too huge, it won't matter what you do.

Also, if they use Kushina and are faster, your Kushina won't matter at all for obvious reasons (removes immunity, etc).

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