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[ PVP ] I DID IT [Zenith]


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After all my years of conquest, after trying and failing every month, I've finally done it.
I won Zenith 8 out of 8~!


It's my first time ever and i'm happy about it so I just wanted to share the news with whoever gives a * about these things

I also want to express my wrath about something; Zenith is just about the hardest thing to ever achieve in this game for f2p or p2w alike.
Months come and go and no one ever makes it to the finals. Yet no title for doing it...... What?!?!
All i wanted is a title

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  • Bakfromute On 2019-11-30 07:41:03
  • GG man that's amazing. I lost on the first day because I got a random ninja from the poll even though I still had 30 second left to pick and because I didn't know the water main the opponent were using very well. Good luck on the finals, your opponent will be super strong.. Capture d’écran 2019-11-29 à 18

    Also Pupsiii, where did you get these stats? There are a lot of F2P who reached 6 path sage since it's easier at the end of the month and kushina BT are F2P. Plus, I know a lot of F2P who already got Kakuzu BT. Worst case scenario F2P can spend 50 ingot to participate in zenith.

Thanks man and good luck for the next month, u almost got it there.
Also,I have no idea what happens in the finals. Do I fight someone who also got 8 points or what?
If you have made it before, please enlighten me.

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  • Qv On 2019-11-30 22:25:20
  • Congrats!


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