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[ Lineup ] Madara Uchiha [Edo Tensei - Release] lineup help


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good evening...madara rinne tensei is a unique ninja indeed he can give great benefits to the team which it can provide you with many options to wield the battle tide to your favor...he can be for both attack and support ...i will be giving few examples of teams made specially for madara and kisame...hope you may find those examples to be helpful

breeze dancer team

Screenshot (395)

its the same team your having now..yet with a few changes on the formation order and the main character type ....having such a team will allow your front line members to be the most important on causing damage to your enemy..while having the back line to be serving as a support for healing and debuff clearing which it will allow the front line to survive for much longer surely...your main will be protecting the front line with her clones starting on round 1 to drain your enemy attacks which it will be giving your team members a slight advantage on the start of the battle..the dance of impetus mystery will be a great aid for you once its used at the right will turn the battle tide to your favor surely...tsunade will be for healing the members and also clearing debuffs which it will be making her a great aid if your enemy will focus especially on madara...kisame will be important on stopping your enemy mystery release on the action orders from 2 till 4..... having him on the team with madara your enemy will suffer a serious problem on the chakra can be a fatal tactic especially if your enemy is depending on chakra to win...problems for you here might be control ninjas and also ninjas that can surpass the super armor skill i think....

Screenshot (399)

having those talents will allow your back line to keep on supporting the front line and have the highest chance to survive surely....the summon combined with your main chase attack will allow your team to trigger a full combo chain of the chase can be dangerous surely with harsh debuffs and full chakra drain your enemy will have a hard situation once your team strike and causing a dreadful havoc among your enemy lines..


scarlet blaze team

Screenshot (400)

a team with a dangerous power potential based on the cooperation between the members...on this team madara is mostly serving as a support along side with kisame to aid your team on giving a splendid battle result...having your main to be the most important while the team is serving as a support...kurenai will be giving protection and endurance support for the front line mostly by using her mystery to rescue your units from near death situations and removing deadly debuffs also...which it will rise your team survivability to high levels and combined with your main support talents your front line will reach a dangerous level of threat and cause great damage to your enemy while surviving for long rounds surely....kisame work will be as how its explained on the breeze dancer team example....reaching the second stage and using your main mystery you will be allowed to trigger the combo chain of chase attack to the last chain stage ....problems for you here might be control ninjas and also super armor surpassing ninjas i think...

Screenshot (401)

as you see..with such talents your team will be able to have the ability on causing great damage and also generating health with each ninjutsu attack is performed....the clone will aid on protecting your main in order for your main to have the chance on staying alive for more rounds and reducing the mystery cool down to keep on causing damage surely...the summon will aid on reaching your team combo chain of chase attack to the final stage i think....


this was all...hope you may find those examples to be worthy and helpful on the most times of your needs..

your ninjas collection is still on growing and it will take a while till it become a wonderful collection full with splendid ninjas which you can combine them with madara to create great teams and formations...for an example both izuna and gakido can be assembled with madara to give a splendid result indeed.....

wish for you fruitful efforts and a wonderful result !

best of luck....

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