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[ Help ] What is the best cloth to buy for battle armour?


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What is the best cloth for the battle armour? pls help.

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better get clothing when they come out best help with stats and bp and battle armor should save some threads when battle armor rebate comes

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Hmm. The best cloth for you to get in my opinion is the ones that have Initiative Stats. But getting all the clothes is fine too since, for me, every stat counts.

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Don't get the ones from the the shop.

For a very long time, especially when you are on a new server, putting your coupons into Training Potions will give you better stats rewards than the clothing would.

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Hm question is bit need to buy common cloth then medium cloth and adv cloth to get you BA lvl up. If you are talking about ,them shiny outfits *.* then anything that gives initiative stats(best)...better to calculate cost per ini for cloth so you get the best * for your coupons.

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