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[ Suggestions ] Edo Hashirama SB/ST


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Hello, i would like to say thanks for adding ST/SB for this ninja, but also want to suggest to make it easier for us, your player base to let us ST/SB him at 3* for many reasons.

This ninja is not like any other we got before with SB/ST, farming his frags is too much pain for f2p/p2w, have been pulling in all treasures to get his frags since gnw/limited ones were added and only was able to recruit him about a month ago as f2p. getting another 100 frags to make him ready for SB/ST will take years for most of players.

As you have stated many and many times you listen to us, you want to make this game better, friendly... add some fresh air to it, in this situation this will be the best option to offer us instead of trying to milk players with that ninja.There are few ninjas which need 3* for SB/ST, those rare ones who got it first, and if you can make it possible for us to use those functions on this ninja at 3*.

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Incoming rants about him being 4* coming your way

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The ninja is strong enough as he is. If anthing he should get SB for 5 stars not 3 or 4 stars.

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Hello, thank you all for your opinions, I understand why most of you feel as if 4 star is too much, but sadly I do not get a say in as to what the requirements should be, but I can pass the suggestions along, which I shall do.

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