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[ Fanfiction ] Visions of M (Part 3): One Revelated Secret.


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Once I've got Shadow as my new familiar, I was getting ready to face the real challenge of my dark life. As you remember, when Midnight stabbed himself and he tear apart his human blood and useless memories, he eliminated 3 giant useless memories, Griffon, Shadow and... the worst of the 3 ones, Nightmare, a giant mass of energy. I didn't knew what would happen if I could beat and get his contract with him. Surely my body could explote or something, but I never would know the truth if I doesn't fight him.

Griffon: Hey, M.

M: What do you want?

Griffon: I feel something horrible close to us... something darker... something... POWERFUL.

M: ...

Griffon: Maybe he's the third and last familiar of you.

M: What do you mean with that?

Griffon: Isn't that obvious?

M: *sigh* My bad... sorry but I'm thinking in what will happen in the future... Will I recover my old body?

Griffon: Of course you will recover it, kiddo. It will be a difficult work for you, being honest. You need to get this third and last familiar, and then, you should wait Kazu wake up... if he survives to that arm ripping.

M: ...

Griffon: What?

M: Even if I'm just his pure human form, he's still my son.

Griffon: Oh... you're right... sorry for make you remember that.

M: *deep sigh*

Griffon: Why did you ripped his arm? It wasn't a better idea ask him if he could borrows Yamato for a while?

M: Do you really think that he would borrow Yamato to one unknown and hooded person?

Griffon: ... Good point.

We continued our path, and then we saw a giant church. We passed and we saw one statue of the legendary Dark Knight Sparda.


Saori: Sparda? You mean, my grandfather?

M: Yes... after that... I realized that I was in Fortuna's Land.

Saori: Fortuna?

M: It's just one land that hided a lot of secrets. For example, why it exist one church of Sparda there?

Saori: ...

M: Being honest, your father, one year before he "helped" your mother to create you and Kazuya... he travelled there.

Saori: Whoa...

M: That's another story for another moment. You should ask him when we come back to home. But first, focus in my story, yeah?

Saori: Yeah...

*End of pause*

We passed through the doors, and the place was in entire ruins.

Griffon: Hmm...

M: What's wrong?

Griffon: Don't you feel it? I feel we are being watched...

M: ... That are not good words...

Griffon: ... Huh? Look!

M: Hmm?

We watched a weird dark energy ball in the floor. I've touched it, and then... a weird black mass covered my body. When I've woke up, my nails were painted in black. Not only that... I've saw Griffon shocked...

Griffon: M...

M: What?

Griffon: Well... being honest... let me tell you 3 things...

M: ...

Griffon: First of all, I'm glad that you've wake up. You've been sleeping for 1 entire day.

M: *stomach roars and blush*

Griffon: Second thing... I'm feeling a incredible power energy in your body...

M: ...

Griffon: And the last thing... your hair is black now.

M: Hmm?

Griffon: Well, you're not feeling you're going to die... isn't it?

M: ... *trauma face*

Griffon: M? Are you there?

M: *shocked*

Griffon: M! M!!!

He doesn't knew why I was paralyzed. But the truth is... that Nightmare, the third familiar... have a reason for having that name... I remember something that I passed in my original body, when I was searching power, crossing dimension after dimension.

I remembered, when I've fought against Mundus in the Underworld, when Midnight had 35 years, and you and Kazu had 16 years. Yes, he fought against Mundus again. But this time, Midnight was close to die, and when he sealed Mundus again with his sealing jutsu, before to dissapear, he threw him a dark energy spike that stayed inside of Midnight's body.

After that, Mundus dissapeared, and one day later, when Midnight returned to Fortuna's Land (he went 2 times to Fortuna), something out of normal happened...

His eyes started to get darker with red pupils and some blue lines in his face appeared too. A great energy was flowing in his body and then, his body changed. He got another armor, another sword... and his desires to get more power... were something off...

Not only that... he was another person, with another ideals. He was not longer Midnight Blade, the Darkslayer of Konoha... he was... Nelo Angelo.

The end.

(Can somebody make one draw of Midnight like Nelo Angelo? If you want it, sure. I don't force anyone to make it. Thanks :3)

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He is going on a new journey and finding a new relationship '(=ΦωΦ=)'

Saori: and i met you, M :3

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  • Hina Devil On 2019-11-22 12:33:54
  • He is going on a new journey and finding a new relationship '(=ΦωΦ=)'

    Saori: and i met you, M :3

M: >_<

Midnight *as Nelo Angelo*: ...

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wow, writing fan fiction is an amazing feat plz keep up @ it, XD

i used to write some role play in those older days of dnd

but.. art is my true passion so i s.t.i.c.k to my goods XD

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  • Tombolock! On 2019-12-06 07:37:04
  • wow, writing fan fiction is an amazing feat plz keep up @ it, XD

    i used to write some role play in those older days of dnd

    but.. art is my true passion so i s.t.i.c.k to my goods XD

Thanks to you, tomorrow I'll make the 4th chapter. What do you say, Verg- *coughs* Midnight?

Midnight: ... now... I'M MOTIVATED!

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