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[ Fanfiction ] Special: Breezy's and Azure's Best Moment.


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*22 years ago*

Midnight *with Speed of Light clothes and reading*: Hmm...

Breeze *with Kushina's clothes*: Midnighty, dear... We need to talk.

Midnight: *closes his book* Hmm?

Breeze: *sits next to him* Well, it's very hard to say, but... *sigh*

Midnight: Everything it's okay?

Breeze: Yeah, sure... but... *takes Midnight's hand and puts it in her belly*

Midnight: ... *surprised* B-Breeze... y-you...

Breeze *with some tears in her eyes*: Midnight... I'm pregnant...

Midnight: ... *smiles and hugs her*

Breeze: Oh..?

Midnight: ... I will... take care of my family, with all my entire life...

Breeze: *smiles, cries more and hugs him*

*9 months later*

Midnight and Breeze: *walking to the hospital at one cloudy night*

Breeze: *feels cold and shakes*

Midnight: *takes off his coat (DMC5 Vergil's coat) and puts it on her*

Breeze: Thanks, dear...

Midnight: You're welcome, babe... *hugs her with one arm*

*Suddenly, starts to rain*

Breeze: Oh, come on!

*Midnight summons his SDT wing and covers Breeze with it*

Breeze: Midnight...

Midnight: It's okay... I won't let you and our baby alone...

Breeze: ... I love you so much.

Midnight: I love you too.

*4 hours later*

*The babies had born*

Midnight *with his white-blonde daughter in his arms*: ... She's beautiful...

Breeze *with her fully blond baby boy in her arms*: This one too... this one have your face.

Midnight: Yeah... how we should call them?

Breeze: ... I have a good name for this cute blonde Midnighty.

Midnight: Sure? I want to hear it.

Breeze: Dear... say hello to Kazuya Blade.

Midnight: Kazuya, huh? I like that... *stares his daughter*

Breeze: Do you have a better name?

Midnight: I had a name for him, but I love your name for him.

Breeze: I want to hear your name for him.

Midnight: Well... I liked the name "Nero".

Breeze: Hmmm... not bad, but I like my name.

Midnight: *giggles* Well, I love your name too.

Breeze: And do you have a name for her?

Midnight: Yeah... I like the name... "Saori"

Breeze: I love it! *giggles and pets her son's head*

*1 month later, at night, before go to sleep*

Breeze: *washing the dishes*

Azure: *helping her* So, it passed already one month since the kids had born.

Breeze: Yeah... I love them. They're so cute, like their father.

Azure: Why don't you go to sleep with them? I'll take care of the dishes, don't worry.

Breeze: Are you sure?

Azure: Yeah, go.

Breeze: Okay... *she dries her hands with one towel and goes to her bedroom*

*When she arrives, she looks that Midnight is sleeping with their babies in his chest, while their daddy hugs them*

Breeze: Oh my... *lies her body in the bed and covers herself with the bed sheet*

Midnight and the babies: *sleeping*

Breeze: *takes Kazu and sleeps with him in her chest, while she hugs her*

*In the present (22 years later)*

Azure *after make birth her baby*: He's so beautiful...

Kazu: Yeah...

Azure: How we should call him?

Kazu: Well, uh... how we should call him, Onee-san?

Saori *blushed*: Huh? I have to give him a name?

Kazu: Sure.

Azure: My dear Kazuya and I were talking that we want you give him the name for our son...

Saori: O-Oh... I don't know what to say... but I like the name... "Raiden"

Kazu: "Raiden"... I love it.

Azure: Me too.

Saori: *shy smile and giggles*

*1 year later*

Baby Raiden: *walking in the home*

*The baby looks that his Auntie Saori it's sleeping. He tried to get close to her, but he didn't could be with her*

Raiden: Auntie... *cries*

Kazu: *spying him* Oh...

Raiden: *crying*

Kazu: ... Come on, dear. Let's go with your auntie... *holds him with his hands and puts the baby close to his auntie*

Raiden: Daddy... auntie! *points her and hugs her arm*

*In the living...*

Kazu *dramatic cries*: Azure... our baby it's so beautiful <3

Azure: ??? :3 ???

*Again, in Saori's bedroom*

Saori: Mmmm... hmm... *opens her eyes and looks that her nephew was hugging her while he sleeps*

Raiden: *sleeping*

Saori: ... hehe... *takes the baby with her hands, leaves him in her chest, and then she covers him and herself with the bed sheet*

Raiden: *sleeping and hugs her auntie*

Saori: *smiles and kisses his forehead* Sweet dreams, my love... *closes her eyes and hugs him while sleeps*

Azure: *spying them* Hihi- they're so cute together.

The end.

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Saori: I love my nephew XD give him to me XD

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  • Saori: I love my nephew XD give him to me XD

Kazu: Ask it first to Azure :3

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It's Awesome

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  • It's Awesome

Thanks brother

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