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Seal Treasures


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Quick question, is it woth it to go for Ay in Land of Lightning treasure? or Han/Roshi injinchuuriki treasure?

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honestly it just depends on ur playstyle

ay deals a pretty good amount of dmg but its easily counter u can say he is a blitz team kinda guy while roshi and han are completly different as han is a buff remover meat shield with normal amounts of dmg but lack any type of cc and roshi is a good imune ninja with decent scaling of def and nin but the 3 rounds cooldown is the downside for the current state of the game altough u can still use roshi and han for some support on ur pos1 ninja, i'd highly recomend u to save ur seals and go for the limited treasures when they show up or go for the gnw treasure and try to get kurama naruto or madara, those 3 just aren't that good. nevertheless in my opinion if u rly want to go for them i'd say roshi he is just the best of those 3 expecially if u can trigger the 30 combo (easily done with Sage Naruto)

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go for roshi .. or dun use seal on any treasure just draw from GNW thats the best advice i can give it to u

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Go for gnw madara first then edo yagura

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It's not worth it at this point in the game. Youll get them for collection purposes over time.

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