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[ Fanfiction ] Special: Midnight's Birthday.


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*Heya, guys. Sorry, but this time, it won't be a VoM chapter, but I was planning this like, 2 or 3 weeks in secret. As you know, in my fanfic, Midnight it's originally Vergil, from DMC series. And then, in my fanfic, I've told that Midnight had a brother called Dante. As much persons know, they last time they saw their faces in their 8th birthday. But... it's that their last met? 1 month earlier of the original story of my fanfic, Midnight and the other 4 and Naruto, have fought against Pain. The last one it was Tendo, but he could defeat everybody easily, even Naruto. But what about Midnight? He had stabbed 6 black chakra staffs in his body, and his eyes were so heavy for him*

Midnight: *pant* *pant* *pant*

Pain: Useless idiot. You're the weakest one of the 6 ones I've fought. You dissapoint me, Midnight Blade *stabs him in the chest with another black chakra staffs

Midnight: *loses blood and slowly closes his eyes*

Pain: How pathetic... It's time to end everything with my Planetary Devastation...

Breeze: M-Midnight...

Naruto: W-We can s-still fight...

Scarlet: W-We are a f-family...

Azure: T-Together... there's nothing we cannot b-beat...

Crimson: Y-You'll be defeated... b-by us... Pain...

Midnight: ...

*In Midnight's mind*

Midnight: Dante, RUN!

Dante: *screaming* Big brother Vergil!

Eva: Leave us, Vergil! NOW!


*When Midnight opened his eyes, his pupils were glowing a red light and he was unleashing a weird chakra in his body. All the place was trembling, and in one instant, Midnight took his original sword, and then, everything exploted*

Breeze: W-What...?!

Scarlet: M-Midnight...?

Naruto: ... What the hell...?

*When the dust curtain dissapeared, Midnight (with DMC4 Nero's Devil Trigger and holding a Yamato's spectral version, covering his sword) appeared*

Pain: What?! What the hell are you?! You're a demon!

Midnight *with a echoed voice*: From that day... my life changed... and a voice echoed in my mind... "Power"... "Give me more... POWER"

Pain: What?!

The other 4 mains and Naruto: *shocked*

Midnight: If I have to become a demon... so be it. I'll endure the exile... I'll do everything to protect THEM! *makes a rapid slash wave and cuts in half to Pain*

*Pain's body was cutted in 2*

*After that day, Midnight started to meditate in the forest and even in the roof of his house. He did that, until now... even when Saori returned to home. But... that will change...*

(In the present...)

Midnight: ...

All the family: Happy 41th Birthday, Midnighty!

Midnight: Thanks... *turns off the candles*

The family: *claps*

Kazu: Happy birthday, dad... *hugs him*

Saori: Happy birthday, daddy... *hugs him too*

Breeze: Happy birthday, my love *kisses him*

Azure: *takes a picture with her cellphone* Happy birthday, dude.

Scarlet *with DR. Faust hat*: Happy birthday, big bro...

Baby Raiden *in Azure's arms*: *laughs and claps*

Midnight: Thanks for being here with me... in this day so important for me... You're my most beloved persons in this world, and I won't change anybody of you for nothing... I really love my family...

*After that, they eated the cake, and the picture time has begun. Midnight took a picture with his family, first with his wife and children, later with Scarlet, later with Azure and finally with Raiden. When the party ended, in the 03 AM, Midnight went to the roof of his home, in the light of the full moon, and then, he started to meditate*

Midnight: I hope he's there... Please... sync with me...

*In Midnight's mind*

???: ... Did you missed me, brother?

Midnight: Heh... it's been so long that we saw our faces... Dante.

Dante (DMC5 Version): Even knowing that we have 41 years now, you still have a 20-years body. You should show me your secret... that's unfair that you look so young.

Midnight: Well, there's not a secret I couldn't show you... Anyway... it's good that our minds are connected. I thought that it was really hard to sync with me, knowing that you're dead.

Dante: Nah, it doesn't changes anything... it's the same sh*t like when I was alive.

Midnight: *sigh* I know... I was almost dead once... I could survive later, separating my body in 2, and recovering my old body...

Dante: Hmm... you didn't had any choice... I don't blame you, bro...

Midnight: Thanks... it's nice to meet you again, bro...

Dante: Ya know...? I remember the first time we connected our minds.

Midnight: Yeah...? It passed like 24 years when that happened.

Dante: Yeah, we were so young, and you unlocked by the first time your demonic powers.

Midnight: *laughs* Yeah, the people goes growing... we and my family are the example of that...

Dante: Oh, yeah! Talking of your family, what's up with the kids and your wife?

Midnight: They're okay... having a good nap, while I'm talking to you...

Dante: Yeah, you're father of 2 cute and healthy twins, and you're a grandpa now!

Midnight: *giggles* Raiden it's one of my big treasures in the life...

Dante: Yeah... I hope I could see them... but, the destiny betrayed us...

Midnight: ... I'll tell them how are you in person.

Dante: Hmm... before I forget it... take... *gives Midnight a present*

Midnight: What...?

Dante: Open it.

Midnight: *opens it and he founds a picture*

*The picture it was about Dante and Midnight like kids*

Midnight: ... Bro... *takes off his necklace* This is for you...

Dante: Your necklace? I thought it was important for you...

Midnight: Like every gift in the world, I guess...

*Suddenly, Dante's body was started to disintegrate*

Midnight: ... You're leaving...?

Dante: Yes... but before to go... *goes to Midnight and hugs him*

Midnight: *shocked*

Dante: ... Happy Birthday, Vergil *his body dissapears*.

*In the real life...*

*Midnight opened his eyes, and then he saw that he was holding Dante's picture. After that, he started to cry a lot. Midnight stared the full moon, and he remembered his childhood with Dante and Eva*

Midnight: ... *sob* I thinked that I could resist to cry... but it's impossible... *sob*

*He looked again the full moon, and he sweared that he heard Dante's voice*

Dante: I love you, big brother.

Midnight: ... I love you too, little brother... Happy birthday... I will miss you.

The end

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