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Rinne sasuke, Ten tail madara (Need a rework)


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Because you c*e them together and both get advantage of rinnegan boosts that are quite big.

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  • That is what I don't understand.

    base Naruto and Sasuke are both almost on the same depending on which team you want. Naruto can be a damage dealer in most wind teams and sasuke can be a support in lightning teams.

    Same goes for Sasuke suit and Naruto suit,everyone likes one better than the other.But fact is I don't one is better than the other,especially if you are really good with this game.

    Skillbroken sage naruto is also at the same level as Susanoo sasuke,all you need is a good team for each of them.

    Then now we have Rinne Sasuke (which I have) and also 6P Naruto (I don't have)..... I mean these guys fought in the final battle in the series and they were on equal ground,sasuke even looked like he had the upper hand.

    Here's a thing Naruto has leech,immunity,dodge,mystery reset and also cancels buffs and shield while causing immobile. I mean that is way too overpowered for one ninja.He doesn't even need any support to be good.He is an army... (Bonus his element is stronger than sasuke 's one)

    Sasuke has what ???(ignition that last three rounds :( ) .... 45% chance chaos (chakra absorption when attacked) --- none of this will work on naruto. His explosive mode gives you an extra attack.This will happen if you have a 50k power difference maybe :( ... Sasuke does not even have a rinnegan passive like immunity to pure ninjutsu or something... He doesn't have any debuff causing mystery or chase,even tendo and ningendo can do better :( ...

    Whoever is in charge ...Please remake all of Sasuke's skills Please.All of them are *.I am not saying turn him into another naruto.Just at least make him better than Izuna.

Then you bring him in war and you discover that he is rinnegan, konoha, akatsuki, hidden jutsu...

The problem is that you want to use him where he is not meant to be used.

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