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[ Fanfiction ] Visions of M (Part 2)


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M's POV:

When I killed that monster, my body shaked of fear... I've forgot how it feels to kill someone. My hands couldn't stop shaking.

M: W-Why you couldn't kill that monster, but I could do it?

Griffon: It's simple. I'm a nightmare, and as you know, a nightmare can't kill you. This means one thing... if we're gonna work like a team, I cover you, and when our enemy it's already very weak, you kill it.

M: Sure... I hope we could get more power...

Griffon: Wait, I remember something... When Midnight stabbed himself with the Yamato, I've saw 2 more shadows coming out from his body...

M: ... What means that?

Griffon: As you know, once upon a time, Midnight were in his form known as Nelo Angelo. We are his useless memories that bothered him a lot of time. But you, you're not part of his memory. You're just Midnight's pure human blood form. We should get the Yamato so you could recover easily your old body. But... his pure devil blood have Yamato, so we are in big troubles.

M: ... Then what do you suggest?

Griffon: Okay... we should meet and make a contract with the 2 remaining memories of him. My idea is that you must get familiars, so we cover you when we're fighting. What do you think?

M: Got it... so, where's the 2nd familiar now?

Griffon: I'm feeling some weird energy getting closer to our position. I think is the second one.

"After those words, we heard some steps getting closer to us. And in less than 1 second, a giant spike tried to kill me, but I've avoided it"

M: What the hell?!

"I saw that beast. It was a black panther, that it have the chance to modify his body like a weapon"

Shadow: *roars*

Griffon: Yup, this is our new partner.

M: What we should do?

Griffon: We must make him know who is his leader. Try to talk with him. Surely he remember you...

M: Talk to him?! Are you insane?!

Griffon: Do you have any good idea, tough guy?

M: Ngg...

"The panther modified his paw, making it grow. He tried to kill me, but I could avoid his attack. Griffon started to shoot lightning bolts, but Shadow was so fast"

M: Hey, you! We are not your enemies! You have to believe me!

Shadow: *growls*

"The panther tried to cut me with a buzzsaw made with his entire body, but then... a giant roar made tremble everything"

M: What's happening now?!

Griffon: !!! M! Look at that tower!

"I've went outside, and then, a giant spider were walking in that tower. That spider shoot me poison, but Griffon took me by my shoulders and we escaped. I've saw too, that Shadow escaped too"

M: Hey, kitty! Get back here!

Griffon: Shut up, dude! Focus in that spider!

Spider: *roars*

"The bird left me in a tower close of that spider. Our intentions were kill that monster. Of course, we were in troubles, because we're 2 ants against a giant freaking spider. However, we didn't left away our hope. We fought against him, and we could make him some damage. Griffon attacked him with thunderbolts, and I stabbed some parts of his body"

Spider: *weak roar*

M: *pant* *pant* It's useless. That beast will destroy us...

Griffon: No...! We won't give up! We're strong...!

M: ... *coughs blood*

Griffon: M!

M: M-My body it's unstable... I don't think that I will stand much time...

Griffon: M... Huh?

M: What?

Griffon: Look! The killer kitty returned!

M: Hmm?

"That's right. Shadow came to help us... I think that the kitty loves me..."

Shadow: *approaches M*

M: *pant* *pant* W-What are you d-doing...?

"In that instant, my body was covered by one giant strange dark ball. When I opened my eyes, I looked a ball in front of me. I touched it, and a dark energy surrounded my body. When I've woke up in the real world, Shadow wasn't there, but my arms were completely covered by weird tattoos".

M: Griffon... I think it's time to end this...

Griffon: Well said, kid!

"I've took my cane, and then, something flowed in my right arm, and then, Shadow came out from the cane. The kitty jumped tower by tower and then, he modified his body like a fist, punching so high the spider"

M: It's my chance...!

"Shadow stared me, and his red eyes shone a red light. When that happened, my body was teleported next to him. Now it was time to end this battle"

M: "As the air for the bird, and the water for the fish... so is the contempt for the contemptable..." *stabs and kills the spider*

"The spider died and Griffon took my shoulders. We've landed in the floor, and Shadow appeared next to me"

M: ... Good kitty.

"Shadow pushed me and started to lick and purr me"

Griffon: It seems that somebody loves you.

M: H-Hehe...

Shadow: *licks and purrs M*

The end.

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Now he have kitty shadow XD

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  • Hina Devil On 2019-11-10 14:37:11
  • Now he have kitty shadow XD

Yup :3

Now in that part he’s being protected and loved :))))

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