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[ Bugs ] Please fix 3vs3


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I know no one from oasis sees this, just a mod and nothing will ever be done,

But cant hurt to ask, can you please look into fixing 3vs3, it was a joke when first added, and you flat out refuse to do your job and address any of the performance issues,

Find/make a team, enter 3vs 3 interface:

click matching, matching box closes on its own= bugged, need to relog

someone from the team cant talk in team chat= bugged, need to relog

start matching *on not clickable= bugged, need to relog

find a match, game times out on entering battle= bugged, need to relog

find a match, "entering battle" game crashes= need to relog

- when you do relog and load into the battle, it shows round 1 for you, despite the fight actually being in round 2 or 3, so you cant even try to help your teammates.

game crashes during match= need to relog

- same as above when you do relog you are seeing what happened in previous rounds making the match a waste of time for you, watching things that have already happened play out

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I understand the frustration regarding this event, please send me screenshots for as much of this as you can, and I will try to do what I can to help out.

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