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Unfair CGNW


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Sir just want to ask something.. im from hk server 924 .. and from our privous cgnw fight its always been a good fight no one knows who will win.. but sad what happen now??? after some server merge for the 3rd time?? we already lose hope no more chance for us to win in CGNW cuz they merge and they got alot of members.. like almost full slot all lands + top 2 bp in our spacetime claster is in the same group with so many group mates now cus of that 3rd merge.. strategy is now useless on us no only us.. also to thoose groups also that have high potential getting that 1st place in CGNW.. no more excitement in our CGNW bracket sir.. its a 100% win rate for them... my question is?? are you realy doing your work sir??? ballancing thoose server?? or your working to imballance the server and do favor to thoose top spinder??? go look and see it to your self sir how unfair now our CGNW bracket.. im from 924 server.. thanks and i hope you can fix it and ballance it for us players can sense just little excitement in the game.. have a good day..

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Team Akatsuki with Ijoezz and Maou?

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