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[ Events ] Events Cycle - November 7th


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Dear Ninja,

We would like to thank you all for your support! Below you can check this week's coming updates, which will be coming on 11/7/19! Please, have a look below to check the new events!

New Ninja added

Sasori ["Akatsuki's" Creation]

New Skill Trial/Breakthrough

Kakashi [Anbu] Skill Trial

Kimimaro / Torune Aburame / Pain-Chikushodo Breakthrough

Weekly Strong Ninja

Naruto [Ronin]

Naruto [Sage of Six Path]

Minato Namikaze [Edo Tensei]

Madara Uchiha [Edo Tensei-Release]

Time-Limited Treasure II added: Nov.7th-Nov.20

3v3 Arena added: Nov.7th-Nov.20 5:00AM

Rewards ninja: Minato Namikaze [suit]

Torune Aburame, Pain-Chikushodo, Pain-Ningendo, Fu Yamanaka, Kimimaro 's Skill book added in the Skill Book Store.

1. "Infinite Tsukuyomi Special Rebate" added.

Want your money to be valuable? Then, it's now time to recharge! The more ingots you recharge, the more valuable rebates you can get!

Period: Sept 12th-Nov 30th

Requirements: Players must reach Level 30 in order to participate.

How To:

During the event, players who recharge the required amount of Ingots can get different rewards as rebate. The Ingots recharged will be ac*ulated during the event. Strong Ninjas await you!

2. "Shinobi Feast - Recharged Rewards" added.

Let's celebrate the Shinobi Feast! By recharging Ingots, players will be able to spin a wheel to get valuable rewards!

Period: Nov. 7th-Nov.13th

Requirements: Players must reach Level 21 in order to participate.

How To:

During the event, players can get one chance to spin the wheel by recharging 100 Ingots. You can obtain a daily maximum of 500 spins.

It’s time to get Sasori ["Akatsuki's" Creation] and Deluxe Ninja Optional Pack V! Each day, the spins will be reset to 0 at 00:00 (server time). Don’t miss out!

3. "Shinobi Feast - Lucky Feast" added.

An opportunity to get amazing items and ninjas at amazing prices! The more you buy, the higher your chances at getting the lucky prize from its Lucky Draw!

Period: Nov. 7th-Nov.13th

Requirements: Players must reach Level 21 in order to participate.

How to:

a) During the event, use Ingots to buy packs and other items to get Lucky Credits.

b) Lucky Credits will influence your rate of being a winner in the Lucky Draw. Every 0:00 AM (server time), Lucky Credits will be emptied and the system will choose 7 winners, the more your Lucky Credits, the higher the chances of being one of the winners in Lucky Draw.

c) This is a Cross–Server event. Winners will receive their prize in the in-game’s mailbox.

4."Shinobi Feast - Arena Training" added.

Let's celebrate the Shinobi Feast! During the event, players can get specific rewards by winning victories in the Arena!

Period: Nov. 7th-Nov.13th

Requirements: Players must reach Level 21 in order to participate.

Remark: All the rewards can only be claimed once during the event.

5. "Anniversary Red Envelope” added.

Every single recharge can get you an unbelievable rebate! Send or Get Red Envelopes! Celebrate together!

Period: Nov.10th-Nov.16th

How To:

a) During the event, obtain a Recharge Rebate and a Red Envelope Rebate for every recharge!

b) Obtain a maximum of 20.000 Coupons as Recharge Rebate and a maximum of 10.000 Coupons to send through Red Envelopes to other members from your Group.

c) Each player can send a maximum of 100 Red Envelopes and can receive a maximum of 5.000 Coupons from other members' Red Envelopes.

d) A Red Envelope which was already sent is valid for 2 hours, after which it will be unclaimable. The value sent inside the Red Envelope will not be returned.

e) Ingots recharged during the period of the event will be ac*ulated to both Recharge Rebate and Red Envelope Rebate.

f) The Group channel is limited to 70 messages at once. If more than 70 messages are sent while the link to claim the Red Envelope is shown, the link to claim Red Envelopes will no longer be displayed and it will be lost for all other Group members

6. “Fukurokumaru's Deals" added.

Use Coupons and get rebates for doing so! Use both Coupons and Ingots to get fantastic rebates and purchase exclusive Gift Bags!

Period: Nov. 7th-Nov.20th

Requirements: Sever must be opened for more than 14 days.

How To:

a) Reach the given usage of both Coupons and Ingots to get free rewards and be eligible to buy specific gift bags and exclusive prices.

b) All Ingots used in ALL functions, systems, events and interfaces are accountable for "Fukurokumaru's Deals".

c) In what concerns the usage of Coupons, ONLY Coupons used in "Weekly Events" (Hot Topics), "Shop", "Mysterious Cave" and "Battle Armor" will be accountable for "Fukurokumaru's Deals". For example, Coupons used in "Eight Inner Gates", Offer Gifts purchased with Coupons in the Home system to offer to visiting Ninja, Coupons used to refresh the Black Market and Coupons used to revive Characters are not accountable for "Fukurokumaru's Deals".

Remark: by reaching 20K milestone, you can get Kabuto [Sage Mode] *80,by reaching 40K milestone, you can get Sasuke [Susano’o] *80

7. "Colored Banner Gift" added.

Obtain Awesome Items by Spending Ingots/Coupons in the Souvenir Store and win the Colored Banner Competition!

Period: Nov. 7th-Nov.13th

Requirements: Players must reach Level 30 in order to participate.

How to:

1. During the event, purchases made in the Souvenir Store create contribution, increasing your groups banner height; Ac*ulated spending of 100 Ingots/Coupons can increase the height by 0.01 meter.

2. When a group’s banner height reaches a certain level, all members of the group can claim a reward. Each reward can only be claimed once per user.

3. At the Settlement, all members of the top 3 groups banner height will obtain extra reward.

4. Ranking Settlement time: 11/13 23:59:59; when the settlement time ends you won't be able to participate in the event, and the ranking rewards will be sent by mail.

Reward Claim Deadline:11/14 23:59:59; please claim your reward on time.

5. The player who doesn’t has a group can purchase in the Souvenir Store but the contribution height won't be retained; to avoid contribution height been reset to 0, we suggest you to don't leave the group during the event; at the rewards settlement if there's no group you won't get the rewards.

8. "Sakura's Gift" added.

Do you like Sakura? If you do, show how much you like her by helping out when she is most in trouble! Get Sakura to like you and she will offer you rewards!

Period: Nov. 7th-Nov.13th

Requirements: Players must reach Level 40 in order to participate.

How To:

a) Players can find NPC Sakura in West Konoha or click on “Sakura” in the event’s interface to find her;

b) Sakura will give one task to players per day. Complete the given task and return to Sakura to obtain rewards from her – “Sakura’s Foodsack”;

c) Open “Sakura’s Foodsack” to get a random in backpack will random get Rice Onigiri, Salmon Onigiri or Panda Onigiri as gifts. Players also can buy Sakura’s Foodsack in Purchase-Limit Shop;

d) Send gifts (Onigiri) to Sakura in the event interface to increase your Friendliness. (Rice Onigiri: 1 Point; Salmon Onigiri: 3 Points; Panda Onigiri: 5 Points) Players can *exchange Friendliness for items/ninja in the event;

e) This event will reset at 5:00 AM. Complete your old task first in order to receive a new task from Sakura;

f) Reach Friendliness over 1000 to enter the Ranking. The TOP 20 players will get extra awesome rewards! Rewards will be sent to the mailbox once the event is over.

9. "Konoha's Great Tree" added.

Watch your tree and your server's World Tree grow and get Fortune Coins! Get to the Fortune Shop and exchange them!

Period: Nov. 7th-Nov.13th

How to:

a) Konoha's Great Tree has an icon in the main HUD; players can click the icon to enter this event.

b) Players can obtain Dew Drops by clearing trials in Survival Trial, participating in the Arena or clearing Team Instances. Buying Daily Packs will also earn players Dew Drops.

c) Bless the Lucky Tree using Dew Drops, Coupons or Ingots to obtain Points and Items or Fortune Coins from the Lucky Tree. Points and Fortune Coins can be redeemed in different shops in the event, both can be found in the event’s interface.

d) The Lucky Tree will level up when a given amount of Points is reached.

e) All players from a given same server can obtain items from the World Tree. Its level is related to the amount of Points of all Players from a single server.

f) Remember to use Dew Drops, Fortune Coins and Konoha’s Great Tree Points before the deadline of the events (which is according to the computers’ time) or it will be reset to 0.

10. "Great Plates” added.

Every plate has a great item, use keys to get them, awesome ninja awaits you!

Period: Nov. 7th-Nov.13th

Requirements: Players must reach Level 40 in order to participate

How to:

a) Use Great Keys and get rewards! The more Great Keys you use, the more rewards await you!

Remark: Brand New Ninja Optional Pack added as open rewards.

Brand New Ninja Optional Pack: Itachi Uchiha [ Kimono] *1, Shisui Uchiha [Kimono] *1, Kabuto [Sage Mode] *1

11. "One-Ingot Sales" added.

Do you wish to get amazing items for a small amount of Ingots? Then this is the perfect event for you!

Period: Nov. 7th-Nov.13th

How To:

a) One-Ingot Sales has an icon in main interface; players can click the icon to participate in this event. b) Every item has a required number of participations. Use a minimum of 1 Ingot to take part in a Phase of a given item. Once the target number of participations is reached, the system will randomly pick up a winner who will receive the item in their mailbox. c) Every item has a limited number of “Phases”. Once an item reaches the target number of participation, it is randomly given to a lucky player, and the item will move up a “Phase”. d) The more times a player participates, the higher his chances of being chosen by the system to get an item! e) By the time the event ends, if the required number of participation for a “Phase” is not reached, Ingots for participation in a certain Phase of an item will be given back to the player as Coupons. f) During this event, the following items can be acquired:

Materials: - Epic Refine Rune *10 ,Contracting Scroll Optional Pack *1,Command Flag *1, Deluxe Myoboku Optional Pack *1,Ninja Assist Gift Pack ,Coupons *500 Gift Packs: - Special Charm Materials Pack -Advance Skill Trial Pack - Ninja Assist Cultivation Pack - Special Seals Pack - Tactics Optional Gift Pack (Ghost kill Page *10; Sparrow Thorn Page *10; Goose Wood Page *10; Sun Move Page *10; Windmill Page *10; Emerald Page *10; Tiger Hunt Page *10; Vehicle Suspense Page *10; Thunder God Page *10) - Refine Runes Optional Pack - Cave Key Gift Pack

Ninja and Outfit: Soaring Youth, Konan [Angel of God], Kakuzu [Earth Fear Grudge], Kushina Uzumaki [Red Hot-Blooded Habanero ] , Naruto [Ronin]

12. "Fateful Choice" added.

Decide the fate of the Shinobi World! Which side are you on? Will the next generation of ninja live to tell another day, or will all of us be part of an endless dream? Contribute to your side to get rewards!

Period: Nov. 7th-Nov.13th

Requirements: Players must reach Level 11 in order to participate.

How To:

a) Players can choose one side to contribute their Orb of Vitality to. Every contribution will get random points to their side. Land a Critical and get extra points to your side for it! (Critical values and Critical chances are random)

b) The contributions that you manage to get to your side will also be added in the same value as points (Flying Raijin Kunai and Kusari, depending on the side a player picks). Contributions from different sides can only redeem for rewards from that side in the redeeming interface of the event.

c) Orbs of Vitality can be obtained by doing given missions once daily. Orbs of Vitality c*so be bought in the Shop.

d) The event will be open until Nov 14th; however, players won’t be able to take part in it on April 14th. On April 14th, only players on the winning side can redeem rewards from the event.

13. "Recruitment Feedback" added.

Draw from specific Treasures to get more rewards in this event! Make the best use out of your Seal Scrolls!

Period: Nov. 7th-Nov.20th

Requirements: Players must reach Level 50 in order to participate.

How To:

a) Draw Five Kage Treasure, Jinchuriki Treasure I, Jinchuriki Treasure II,Great Ninja War Treasure, Time-Limited Treasure II to claim rewards! (“Free Draw” is not accountable)

14. "Refining Rebate" added.

Refining equipment will get you refining materials and other valuable rewards. Power up and get rebates at the same time!

Period: Nov. 7th-Nov.13th

Requirements: Players must reach Level 40 in order to participate.

How to: Players can get rewards when refining times reach the requirement.

15. "Limited Refinement" added.

Get extra Wish Credits and improve your Power level by Refining your Equipment!

Period: Nov. 7th-Nov.13th

Requirements: Players must reach Level 40 in order to participate.

How To:

a) Players c*e Refine Runes to upgrade their equipment in Refine Equipment (Strengthen interface). Every time you level up your equipment to a new Refine level, you’ll receive free time-limited Wish Credits.

b) Free time-limited Wish Credits will expire when the event ends.

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16. "Goldfish Fishing" added!

Take some time, relax and go fishing for new fish that might be exchanged for ninjas' fragments and other rewards!

Period: Nov. 7th-Nov.13th

Requirements: Players must reach Level 11 in order to participate.

How To:

1. Complete Plot/Elite Instances, draw in the Treasures (Seal treasure and above) to obtain paper nets.

2. Use paper nets to catch goldfish and earn credits, which can be used to redeem amazing rewards.

17. "Wishing Lanterns" added!

Ninjas in the Naruto World will release the Wishing Lanterns in hope that their wishes can become true. Support each other to make your lanterns fly higher! Rewards await you!

Period: Nov. 7th-Nov.13th

Requirements: Players must have reached Level 16 in order to participate.

How to:

a) During the event, click “Release A Wishing Lantern” from 9:00 to 24:00 to participate in the event. You can release a Lantern once daily.

b) After the Lantern is released, you can click on your own Wishing Lantern to request your Group Members’ Support to make your lantern fly even higher. After you request help, a Cooldown Time of 5 minutes will be in effect. Click on other Ninja’ lanterns in the interface to Show your Support to them. As a reward, the Support shown to others will also make your Lantern fly 100m higher! The same lantern can only be supported twice daily.

c) Click the small lantern on the right top of the interface to open the “Requests” interface, in which you can check the requests from Group Members. Use “Support All” *on to support ninjas in One-Click.

d) The higher your Lantern flies, the better the rewards you can obtain! Players can only receive one reward daily. The rewards will be sent to your email after the event ends at 24:00.

e) Daily Showing/Receiving Support limits: 20 times.

18. New packs are available in the "Purchase Limit" shop interface! Have a look at the new packs, don't miss this chance.

19.Last but not least, "Sakura's Foodsack", "Fortune Coin", "Dew Drop", "Great Key", "Orb of Vitality", "Wish Credit", "Paper Net" obtained for this week's event need to be spent this week. Once the events end, the "Sakura's Foodsack", "Fortune Coin", "Dew Drop", "Great Key", "Orb of Vitality", "Wish Credit", "Paper Net" will be reset to 0. Please remember to use them in time!

Remark: The deadline of the New Server Events and Weekly Events are set according to the players' local time (computer's time), not the server time. Daily Missions and Daily Recharge event (event in which you can get a 4-Stars Gaara if recharging for 5 days) are all refreshed at 5:00 (server time). Don't miss out!

All information present in the game is the final and correct information unless stated otherwise.

Thank you for all your support to us,

Naruto Online Operation Team

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