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[ Fanfiction ] Visions of M (Part 1)


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*Saori and M were talking at night on the street. She wanted to know more about the life of her new friend. However... M's life wasn't so easy that we know...*

Saori: So... tell me...

M: *reading* Hmm?

Saori: You're not a ordinary human like me. Even if you have devil energy on your body, you're still a pure human. How is this possible?

M: ... *closes his book* You want to know how it was my life...

Saori: *nods*

M: Well... let me tell you everything... but I warn you... it's a sad story...

Saori: If you don't want to tell your story, it's okay... don't worry... *puts her hand on his shoulder*

M: Okay... here I go...

*M's POV*

Everything began like 4 years in the past. Your brother Kazuya were walking on Konoha's street at night. As you know... your brother had a devil right arm... He called it "Devil Bringer", but that's not important...

Anyway... he was walking on the street, with the idea to arrive his house.

Kazuya: God... I must hurry up... My mother surely will kill me if I don't arrive to home right now...

When he said that, a hooded man appeared in front of him... That man stared Kazu's arm... and he felt a strange energy coming from it.

Kazuya: Sorry, dude... I need to pass...

???: ... Yamato... GIVE ME THE YAMATO...

Kazuya: Yamato...?

After that moment, Kazu's arm started to react to the presence of that hooded man.

Kazu: What the hell...? You're a demon...?

When he asked that, the hooded man dissapeared and appeared in front of Kazuya. He took the devil arm, and he punched him into a wall. Kazuya lost his arm and Yamato.


Saori: What?! Who did that to my brother?!

M: ... It was... your father.

Saori: *shocked*

*Continuing with the story*

Your father took Yamato from Kazu's arm and then he opened a portal, with the intention to escape. When he passed through that portal, he arrived to a giant house. Midnight saw a giant picture of a white haired man, a blonde woman and 2 white haired kids.

Those persons were Midnight's family. The white haired man it was his father, Sparda. The blonde woman it was Eva, his mother. And one of the white haired kids, it was Dante, his twin brother.

Midnight stared to that picture, and then he took Yamato... He saw his reflex on Yamato's blade steel, then... he rised his weapon... and...

Saori: What happened?

M: ... He... stabbed himself with it.

Saori: *very shocked*

*Again, in the story*

Midnight: "Heavy chain... that does... freeze... my bones... AROUND!!!"

After those words, Midnight took off all the weight that stopped him in his power search. He eliminated all that he considered unnecesary. First, he eliminated all his memories that he lived when he was in his possessed form, also known as Nelo Angelo. Those memories, are my familiars...

And finally, he eliminated me. My body left Midnight's body and I've felt on a bed.

I didn't knew what happened... so... I've stared Midnight.

Eventually, a dark purple energy started to flow in Midnight's body. He was transforming in his pure devil form. His clothes were destroyed, his fangs increased their size, his eyes got blackened with red and sharp pupils, and he started to increase his body size too.

M *with white hair and naked*: ...

???: You really f*cked everything. You're a complete idiot, you know?

I've stared the roof and I've saw a giant blue bird, that can talk.

M: W-W-Who are you...?!

???: Let's just say... that I'm the one who will save you from that monster... Let me help you.

The bird took my arms and then we escaped from that house. A few kilometers later, the house exploted, destroying everything on a giant radio of distance.

M: *shocked*

???: You really needed to stab yourself and split in two? Really?

M: Shut... up...

???: I've saved your life, and you said me that I must shut up?! You should be grateful with me.

M: *pant* *pant*

???: Tell me... what's your name?

After that... I've saw the full moon in the sky.

???: Hmm?

M: I'm... Moonlight... but if you want... you can call me M.

???: M, huh? Very simple. Well then, my name is Griffon, and from today... I'll be your familiar.

After those words, Griffon trapped me in a type of black jail... Everything were dark. I couldn't see anything. Until... a energy ball appeared in front of me. I've touched it, and then... that ball covered my body with a dark energy.

When I've woke up, I was on the real world... but something was out of normal. I had some tattoos on my arms. Those tattoos started from my shoulders, and ended in my elbows.

I could walk more easily, without any problem. Then, I've stared some clothes. Those clothes were in a bench, so I've took it, and I've get dressed with that (M's clothes: DMC5 V's EX color clothes)

I've walked a little hard, and then I've arrived to one abandoned store. I've passed it, and then, I've saw one steel cane. I've broke the glass with one rock, and I've took the cane. I've took a sit, and then... one Empusa (a demon) appeared in front of me...

That beast went to kill me, but Griffon were summoned. He shocked that demon with lightning bolts and he "killed" the Empusa.

M: *shocked*

Griffon: ... You're welcome, M.

M: W-What was that...?

Griffon: Don't worry, he's de-

Griffon couldn't end his sentence, cuz the Empusa attacked him. I was so scared, so... in one act of fear... I've stabbed the Empusa, and then, that monster finally had died.

Some blood covered my body, my clothes and my white hair. I've took a sit... and then... I've waited the next day... if I was still alive.

The end.

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