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Great Things Happened!


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So, with a new month starting everyone had been able to use their Season Tickets, so early in the morning I finally managed to get Naruto [Sage of the Six Paths]! I been working towards this ninja for about 6 - 8 months (didn't save coupons for him and just picked him up from freebies but only lately I been spending coupons on him, like, the past few weeks).

And the lineup that I'm using I have tested it in arena, and it is quite nasty!

New Team
So for the other great thing! About 13 months ago I had pulled my First SR in GNW Treasure in which I pulled Naruto [Kurama Mode]. I had loads of fun with him, but unfortunately, he doesn't quite cut it very well! So I kept pulling into GNW Treasure, and finally 13 months later, I pulled my 2nd SR! I had pulled Madara!
GNW Triple Threat
Now, take off about 4 frags of Hashirama (that is roughly how many I had gotten from Mega Carnival) so I had pulled so far 54 frags or so!

So now my plans is to keep pulling GNW Treasure so I can 4 Star 3 ninjas! Kushimaru [Edo-Tensei], Sasori [Edo-Tensei], Jinpachi [Edo-Tensei], while I am about 20, 8, 31 frags away from doing respectively. The main reason why I chose these 3 ninjas is because 1, Edo Sasori is great support, and by 4* him, there may come a time in the future he'd get Skill Breaks! That and bigger shields are nice ;) Kushimaru is literally so close to 4*, so may as well do it since he is right there. Then Jinpachi being pretty decent support for ninjas like Deidara [Edo Tensei] (which I been working on slowly). After these 3 ninjas are 4*, I'll have to see if I want to pull an Edo Jin treasure or not. But I might just rush GNW to pull Hashirama Senju [Edo-Tensei] then go back into Kage and pick up Susano'o Itachi where I'm 37 Frags away ^-^

Then top off this week of getting Temari [Swimsuit] this really has been a good month starting off ^-^

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Glad to see you having fun with your new achievements these days. Wish you more good luck and have more fun playing the game. Congrats and thank you. :))

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Dang he dead since kushina got here gl tho.

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Good luck, hope you get edo hashi

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I really like that lineup I need the talents lol you in my group though

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  • hungrybg@gmail. On 2019-11-05 08:10:32
  • I really like that lineup I need the talents lol you in my group though

Talents: 4 3 3 4 2
Summon: Gamaken
Ninja Assist: Danzo
Summon Mystery: Shiba

You can change the 2nd passive to what you prefer and your mystery to what you rather have!

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