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[ Updates ] Standard Time for NY and LA Servers


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Dear Ninjas,

Starting on November 3rd, Standard Time will begin for NY and LA servers. As such, all servers' clock for NY and LA regions will move backwards one hour. We ask all players to be attentive to the game for mentioned date, if any player finds any bug concerning standard time for the NY and LA regions, we ask that you contact us and report your problem via this thread.

Please use the following format to do so:

- Server ID:

- Character Name:

- UID:

- Bug description:

- Country:

- Computer's Time Zone (Local Time Zone):

- Related Screenshots (Most Important. The Screenshot must contain the server time):

Best regards,

Naruto Online Support Team

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As you build your website, you may need or want to change the default time zone for your account or site. You will also need to know the proper configuration for the web server to use

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