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How to get your summon to show up and follow you?


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Please answer im just curious

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To make a summon visible in the world and follow you. First, go to your summon interface and choose a summon that you want to summon. Look for the element force that has a tag that says "New Summon Function". Cultivate your summon until you open that element and look for the hexagon that has an "Activate Summoning Function" description. Click that to avail the summon and under the Summon's image, you will see a "Summoning Jutsu" or "Release" bùtton there.

Additional note: Summoning a summon will require you to use a Contracting Scroll, which is only obtainable from Events and/or Cross-Server Gift Packs. And for some other summon like Kyushoku Deer, White Tiger, and Lighting Tiger King, it will require you to have special scrolls for you to summon them.

Thank you.




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Hi OTV, thanks for the answer was looking for sometime similar.


Sloth Smith

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