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[ Suggestions ] Do not let mods level freeze


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Mods already have enough unfair advantages, with them being paid in in-game currency, getting advanced notice of upcoming events so they can steal top prizes without spending a penny ( which has happened on multiple occasions with one specific douche of a mod in my server, taking top prizes from players that have spent hundreds to compete, not only is that such an * move, but that is a piss poor way to treat the community who keeps you afloat), they already are playing this game on very easy mode, not fair that they are also allowed to level freeze because they are not good enough at team building or playing the game to deal with any competition, so they just use meta to walk over players with considerably less play time and much lower power.

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Hello, I’m sorry about your experience thus far, you c*ways feel free to PM me if you wish to regarding this situation. However, I do know that no players receive any information regarding future events. Regarding the behavior and actions of this mod, you can certainly PM if you wish to talk further about this.

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