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[ Fanfiction ] The Final Chapter.


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(Dante: Kazuya / Vergil: Saori)

*10 minutes later*

Saori: *pant* *pant*

Kazuya: *pant* *pant*

Saori: Why don't you leave me use this power?!

Kazuya: Because you need to understand... no matter how much power you have, you're still weak against our father.

Saori: And what makes you think that I'm doing this for our father?

Kazuya: What?

Saori: I'm doing this by myself! Our father doesn't means anything to me! Same for our mother... and for you too!

Kazuya: !!!

Saori: ... Do you have anything to say, before you die?

Kazuya: ... Deep inside, you still have a heart that makes you a good person... It's okay if you still want power for yourself... but, if you don't feel anything for our family... I don't blame you...

Saori: ...

Kazuya: Still...

Saori: Hm?

Kazuya: ... I still love you, Onee-san.

Saori: !!!


Saori: *reading with 8 years*

Kazuya *with a sword on his hands*: Onee-san!

Saori: Hmm?

Kazuya: Let's train! I want to learn some jutsus and techniques of you!

Saori: ... You really want it?

Kazuya: Yes! *smiles*

Saori: Sorry, bro... *touches his forehead with 2 fingers (like Itachi does it with Sasuke)* Maybe next time.

Kazuya: *sigh* You don't love me...!

Saori: I love you, silly *giggles*

Kazuya: Then why don't you want to train with me?

Saori: *closes her book* The love it can be showed to anyone in any form... like training, a simple letter, chocolates... and... *kisses his cheek*

Kazuya: *blush*

Saori: ... Also a little kiss or a hug...

Kazuya: Onee-san...

Saori: Yes? *smiles*

Kazuya: ... Can I read with you?

Saori: Sure :3

*End of Flashback*

Saori: ...

Kazuya: Did you remembered that story, isn't it?

Saori: I... I...

Kazuya: I've remembered what you said... "The love it can be showed to anyone in any form... like training, a simple letter, chocolates... and also... a little kiss or hug"

Saori: !!! *shocked*

Kazuya: What you will say now, Onee-san? If you want to strike me... go ahead... I won't stop you... *smiles*

Saori: *cries and throws the Force Edge to the floor*

Kazuya: Hmm?

Saori: LEAVE ME ALONE! *runs to Kazuya and strikes him in the face*

*Then, Saori sit above Kazu and started to punch him on the face*

Saori: *cries while punches him* I... I...! I don't need anybody!

Kazuya: *losing blood* Y-Yes... you need... us... Onee-san...

Saori: *stops punching him and cries more*

Kazuya: ...

Saori *crying*: I'M SO SORRY! I DIDN'T WANT THIS...! *sobs and stands up*

Kazuya: *stands up*

Saori *crying*: I'm sorry for being the worst sister ever...! If you hat- *shocked*

*Kazu hugs her*

Kazuya: It's okay... Nobody is blaming you for this... *pets her back*

Saori: *keeps crying on Kazu's shoulder*

*Suddenly, the area that connects the human world with the demon one, started to collapse*

Kazuya: What's happening?!

Saori: ... With the separation of the amulets, the portals that connects both worlds are closing it...

Kazuya: That's all I wanted to hear... *transforms on UDT and takes Saori on his arms* Let's go...

Saori: Y-Yes...

*In the human world*

Scarlet: M-Midnight...

Breeze: ...

*Kazuya and Saori appeared*

Saori: *stares Midnight*

Breeze: What do you want, Saori? You've came to laugh of us?

Saori: No! I just... need one moment with dad...

Breeze: Why?

Kazuya: Leave her, mom... let's give her a moment with him...

Breeze: Okay...

*Breeze, Kazuya and Scarlet leaved the area*

Saori: *approaches to Midnight and holds him slowly*

Midnight: ...

Saori: You've gived your life to protect us...

Midnight: ...

Saori: You always wanted to protect your family... and you always wanted to search and protect me...

Midnight: ...

Saori: But now... everything is my fault... I should have save you...

Midnight: ...

Saori *crying*: I've should been the one who tried to fill your dark soul with LIGHT!

*Saori's tears felt on Midnight's face*

Midnight: ... H-Hm...

Saori: HUH?!

Midnight: S-Saori... *smiles*

Saori: D-Daddy...! *cries*

Midnight: Saori... devils never cry... *touches Saori's cheek* This tears... Tears are a gift that only humans have...

Saori: Dad... I swear to you... that I'll try to change... and protect my family... Don't leave me alone never again! *hugs him and cries*

Midnight: *hugs her*

*10 minutes later, Midnight and Saori returned to their family. Breeze hugged his husband and daughter, Scarlet smiled, Kazuya returned to Scarlet his pistols, and then, they destroyed Temen Ni Gru tower*

Midnight: Okay... we must return home...

Kazuya: That's right... I have a wife to take care... and a baby to protect.

Midnight, Scarlet and Saori: WHAT?!

Kazuya: I didn't tell it? Azure is pregnant *smiles*

Midnight: *shocked and blushed*

Saori: *blushed a lot*

Breeze *wrapping Midnight's neck with one arm*: Grandpa Midnighty :3

Midnight *embarassed*: S-SHUT UP!

Breeze *wrapping Saori's neck with one arm*: Auntie Saori :3

Saori *embarassed*: S-SHUT UP, MOM!

Kazuya: *laughs*

Scarlet: *smirk*

*A few minutes later, they returned to home and a new life has begun*

*9 months later*

Azure: *feeding his blue-blond haired boy baby*

Kazuya: He's so beautiful...

Azure: How should we call him?

Kazuya: ... I-I don't know... how should we call him, Onee-san?

Saori *blushed*: I-I-I have a good name, but I don't know if you like it...

Azure: Of course we like it! You're his auntie, after all *giggles*

Saori: I-I like the name... "Raiden".

Kazuya: Raiden... I like it, Onee-san.

Saori: *blush and smiles*

*1 year later*

Baby Raiden: *walking on the home*

Breeze: He's so cute! >w<

Midnight: *blush*

???: I want to see it me too!

Midnight: *a dark chakra cames out of his body*

*M (with DMC5 V's EX color clothes) appears*

M: Hello, family :3

Breeze: Hello, M

Kazuya: It's been so long that we saw our faces, buddy.

M: Yeah... huh? *stares Saori and blushes* W-Who's she...?

Saori: *blushed*

Midnight: She's my daughter, Saori. She's Kazu's big sister.

M: *blushed* She's cute...

Saori: Wow, dad! Why did you hide this cute boy of me? *touches M's cheek*

M: I-I-I... *embarassed*

Saori: Wow, I love your black nails! *touches and stares M's hands*

M: R-Really? Y-Your black nails are amazing too...

Saori: Well, if you don't have any problem... I would like go to eat something... with M... *pets his head*

Breeze: Okay, go ahead :3

Saori: Yay! *takes M's hand* Let's go!

M: B-But I don't have money!

Saori: I pay for us!

The end.

(Heya, guys. Thanks for read my continue of my fanfic. It means a lot to me... and by the way... I have 2 surprises for everybody... those surprises are coming soon :3

Again, thanks a lot for read my fanfic! See ya :3)

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