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When the game doesn't make sense...


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So a few things in the game defies all logic which i want to bring out

1) In training grounds, you can't attack other players because their powers are too high "very dangerous" but those dangerous players can attack you

2) Sage battles have players from 50> to 50< and eventhough the camps are overloaded, there's no segregation in newer servers

3) The cutivation rebate (5natures chakra) accepts cultivation's which are brought within the page meaning free cultivation scrolls or ones you have stored won't work

4) There are never discounts for buying ingots

5) outdated ninjas like kid konohamaru hardly show up in events

6) everyone gets messages from "HokageOffice" but there's no way to ignore/reply/ban this dude who spams daily chakra consumptions

7) You can't split summon rune stones but can with normal rune stones/magatamas

8) Ninja handbook mysterious cave section displays a screenshot where the guy has98349272 ingots

9) We have to beset 6 magatamas one by one whilst other regions are able to ac*ulate and level up magatamas straight away

10) Events which come around every year such as the halloween fail to have any decent ninjas

11) 1-ingot sales doesn't have a single item which takes 1 ingot to participate in

12) When you're trying to build a 3 star ninja, you need 80 frags, but when you get an obtained ninja from seal scrolls, it's converted to 20 frags, do the other 60 ninja frags just disappear

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  • TTchip On 2019-10-26 22:20:18
  • well i agree with most of your points but a few points do have a flaw in them. in number 4, true there are no discounts, but that doesn't mean you should recharge whenever you want, they put rebates for that kind of stuff so u get more for your buck. As for number 5, they obviously can't have all of their ninjas in the events, so most of the old ones are either not desired by the majority, or they can be redeemed somehow in the ninja collection scrolls. As for number 6, if a group member is spamming that feature, you can take it up to your group leader so he can either kick the person or tell him to stop. Number 7 is *ed true, however, im pretty sure they do this so that when u want to redeem your runes, your gonna have to waste them meaning more money for them as people will buy summon scrolls. number 9, thats just oasis being drunk again but i dont see how that defies logic.

I guess i agree with 5 but it seems like new ninjas come out, a month later they're replaced by newer ninjas and etc..

But number 4 is valid, rebate aren't sales. Most games have a period where they lower the actual price to get p2w currencies. If the prices are fixed and never change then that makes the rebates more unusual as players would be spending the same amount (irl) regardless off of how good a rebate is (eg buying different chocolates and paying the same price every time)

number 6 i meant the actual ingame messages sent by "Hokage Office" which can't be hidden/stopped, constant reminders of power drops from summon exp decrease is spam in its own rights; people only care about the attachments from these messages.

and the drunk numb 8 exploits a hidden server to obtain the screenshots as no one would go all the way to fake an image with an absurd amount of ingots; it has to be a real ingame screenshot taken for the info page of the handbook

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  • Daiske On 2019-10-28 02:51:38
  • There is no such thing as "hidden server". It is simply a test server that is not accessible to players. Like any other game, we also have this type of development feature and and type of screenshots we put into the game as part of new feature introduction are taken from this test server.

    As for the Hokage Office mails. those are official mails sent either by us, operation team, or by system.

Well no, there is such thing as a hidden server, a Server which normal players can't access ~ "Test Server" is a "Hidden Server" when viewed through the fan base's perception.and my gripe on Hokage'sOffice was wanting a way stop these messages such as a disable daily chakra announcements etc


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  • Huoying On 2019-10-27 15:39:41
  • One interesting thing on China which they should add there :

    You can 1 click and put all magatamas in row from your inventory instead putting max 5 of them, you can put multiple magatamas on one spot.


We need this ASAP

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  • Qv On 2019-10-28 19:01:48
  • Hello!

    Either way, Hidden Server or Test Server is not and will not be accessible by regular players since it is only for staff who handles testing, it is a common fact and doesn't need to be bothered about. And for that Hokage's Office, System Message from Staffs, Operations Team or Automated System Messages are Important Notices that bring information to players so most likely, it will not have any way to block it. Just ignore it since the messages itself doesn't bring harm to you or to anyone. Hope you understand, thank you.

I understand , but there are much more obvious flaws which should be addressed especially the issue on sage worlds and training grounds, i have asked customer services b4 only to be blanked

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  • Daiske On 2019-10-28 20:10:21
  • I can check it with devs for you but you will have to be more specific regarding the SWB issue. Or if possible, if everything was explained in your ticket, send me your UID via private message and we will check your CS ticket.

I mean the issue in levels is obvious... but because you're asking for specifics I decided to take a video of the first few seconds of my sage worlds today; where i'm pitted against players 15 levels higher than me; for many servers its much worse where camps are overloaded. Clear to see a 30k player shouldn't be facing overpowered 70+ with ronins... especially when my server is still new and has been less then 2 months of playing

Sage Worlds

I hope the issue can be resolved for the majority

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  • Daiske On 2019-11-01 07:32:26
  • Hello

    Just to clarify, you are not being ignored. I asked you to contact me via private message to ensure I will see your comment or take on this issue as soon as you post it. I do not check forum threads daily (I try tho). So that is why you have not heard from me yet. Jib notified me of your comment ...


    Regarding the video, from what I can see right now is that you are in a range of servers that may not have that that many active players in a same range as your level. This may cause the issue with matchmaking. The system is designed in a way where if there is not enough players who meet the same requirements as you, you may be matched with random players (where BP or level is not taken into consideration). However, I will share your video with devs and we will review it. Please be patient, it may take some time to *yze this specific situation and also check some of the past SWB for your server cluster. I will update you as soon as possible.

Ah thanks for getting back to me I hope the issue can be resolved in one way or another

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feel free to contribute to the list

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  • Scarlettblue On 2019-11-12 19:04:23
  • @OP:

    1) makes sense if you consider that the main goal of the game is to let whales be happy.

    If a lower power cannot select a big power and the big power is there close to him then it's less likely the low power may have enough time to select somebody else before the whale selects him.

    2) it's what i replied before to his holiness.

    3) because is not a rebate meant for f2p even if they may make use of it too.

    4) they are currently scripted and implemented in game and, infact, in cn there are a lot, overall for jonin medal users. Here they thought there was no point in doing it because they always cared 0 about luring who spent low amounts of money in spending a bit more.

    5) that's because whales just don't care about them

    7) that's because in 1.0 and 2.0 they were an huge power up feature that could lure whales in spending ingots for summon scrolls. The fact you still cannot do it it's indeed a glorious mystery.

    9) that thing was added only recently in china, we will get it here too soon

    10) because they are meant in cn to help f2p, here since they care 0 about f2p and low cashers they only show them as a money sink.

    11) there is always at least one item, the point is that most of the times is useless or at a price that is better if you simply flat out buy it directly. About why the other items are not it's simply because they cannot accept the chance that a whale spends 100$ or more on something and that thing may get 'stolen' by a lucky guy that put there 1 ingot and rolled 1 on a dice with 1000 faces.

    Think about it. They put there a full ninja at 30k ingots, a low casher put 1 ingot there, then comes a whale and put there the other 29999. The 1 ingot guy wins.

    What do you think the whale do the second after?

replying "X because of whales" isn't logic as even if it was for whales, the statement would still make no sense esp with training ground as a newbie can't click on a whale but whales can don;t add up

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  • hatemore On 2019-11-17 04:57:09
  • sir.. your problem is realy simple.. its ether you wanna play or you dont wanna play for this game.. if you dont like what there doing you are free to leave no one is forcing you to stay.. haha.. to much complain.. 1-12 is all nonsense..why dont you try to creat your own game sever?? and let us count how many errors or sht will youve done for it?? if that is if you know how to develop a game? or maybe you cant even creat your own site?? so stop complaining and do quit if you dont like it..real talk? we dont need a nega poeple like you .. haha.

Who said i don't wanna play? i'm just pointing out stuff which i don't think makes sense if i was going to complain i'd single out reasons for why events such as tailed beast attacks exist or why there is a recharge rebate every week etc

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  • hatemore On 2019-11-17 05:22:30
  • if i wer you ignore this nonsense complain theres alot important complains here in forum.. ignore this 1 it wont help us to growth the server.. lol.. i notice about the server now.. its to lagy this time around.. its not like should refresh the tunnel every server maintenance.. or maybe they forgot to refresh the server tunnel this maintenance thats why we feel the delay and lag everytime..

The sage worlds battlefields is the one problem (imo) which must not be ignored because the issue has been neglected for so long affecting my whole server

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  • hatemore On 2019-11-17 05:04:34
  • your problem is so easy also.. quit this server and go to cn server.. do you realy think we dont know how cn server running?? haha.. you dont have a idea how many top spinder in cn server.. why dont you try to creat in cn server?? for sure you will feel the same way to.. the only matter is 3star sb in cn and 4star sb in en.. our top spinder here in en cant even 1/4 to thoose top spnder in cn server.. we are in 6.0 version now but only 1 reach 1m bp. in cn server 5.0 already have 1 reach 1m bp.. quit en server now if you dont like and go creat in cn server.. im prety sure if you cant reach 300k in a couple of months your just a clone acount there..

Why would i go to the CN server? I want to play the game in English and support the main game with my friends. Going to CN would mean i won't understand anyone and i'd be playing like a lowlife

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  • hatemore On 2019-11-17 05:15:30
  • hey poeple to much complain lestin here..!! haha. about sage?? as you can notice it all the same bracket in spacetime is also same bracket in sageworld battle!! the only matter is the 93 to 105 lvl bracket in sage that same bracket in space time.. 86 to 91 or 87 to 92 lvl bracket in sage same bracket in space time.. if your doing to much lvl freeze and they will add again new bracket in spacetime this will be happen example your to much freeze at 50+ and they up new bracket spacetime .. no 1 will creat new acount in your sage so you will face lvl 30 - your lvl.. the day pass by they will lvl up and they will reach more lvl and you still freeze the lvl and no more creating new acounts cuz theres a new cluster bracket space time witch all of them is new and if no more low lvl in your bracket you will be place at the lower bracket in your spacetime cluster sage bracket.. like 70 below or 80 below.. so be wise of doing lvl freeze!! stop thoose nonsense complain.. and your talking about bp dif? of curse the rich kid will always win cuz they pay for more faster bp.. so dont act like you pay them much.. hahaha

    Qv edit: Removed inappropriate word. Please be respectful to others and avoid using words that target someone in a bad way.

Level freeze? if i'm a level 56 at 30k and i'm going against level 74's with 200k bp how can i even level freeze i'd just be levelling up pointlessly.whilst remaining in the same bracket according to your statement >.< there are plenty of level 50's-60's in s1300's +

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  • Qv On 2019-11-17 17:04:00
  • Hello!

    Just to give you an example of Training Grounds matter that bothers you. Let's use of Humans and Buildings. Basically, you can jump from a high-platform easily but you cannot leap in 1 move from the lower ground up to the higher platform. Low-Powered/Newbies clicking High-Powered Players is non-sense because basically, no one would ever do that knowing that you will not win the battle unless you are there to troll someone. And making High-Powered players unable to click Low-Powered, then how will they be able to reach the next level of the tower if they entered late and all players around these High-Powers is just Low-Powered players.

    Training Ground's setup works fine and logical. I hope you understand. Good luck and thank you.

The ana*ogy makes a lot of sense but surely higher humans should only be allowed to leap to other higher buildings yknow? or else the lower humans are just there to be destroyed by everyone.. especially since training grounds is cross server it remains inevitable that the majority of newer players are surrounded by "very dangerous" opponents and can't exactly do anything in the event maybe the issue is resolved if lower powers start later in the event

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