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[ Lineup ] Guy [Gate of Shock] lineups


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Hey guys!

Guy received a new assist links skill therefore I'll do some lineups about him


Screenshot from Konoha Proxy

As you can see it can hit more units and has increased damage by 30%, requires Kakashi Susano card (as always total lvl 25 of cards, so kakashi can be a lvl 1 card as long as the other ones are lvl 8 or something)



Mystery: This mystery is very good actually since it interrupts and breaks super armor, only bad thing is that you hurt your own hp

Standard Attack: Decent standard attack

Passive 1: More attacks = more damage so why not

Chase: Nothing special here sadly

Passive 2: Taijutsu heal is always welcome, he himself especially needs this passive

Overall he's quite a decent ninja especially since he's free

Only problem is that you should use him pos1-2 and he doesn't have super armor nor debuff immunity so you need protection for him

1. Fire Main



Good amount of damage and protection, of course having iruka breakthroughs is desirable

2. Earth Main



This is same as the team above, except it's more damage but less protection

Of course having Edo Tobirama barrier is desirable

3. Earth Main 2



Sasuke can be pos1 in this team also, Lightning Main can be used also

Desirable to have Madara breakthrough

4. Lightning Main



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ice he doesnt heal they still havent fixed it, the right one is on proxy as well for passive 2, we have been asking forever for them to update this...

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i think the certain percentage mentioned is 0 then

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I used to run something like
x x x
LM Chiriku x
Kurenai x Guy Gate of Shock x

With Clones, Chakra Gain, Anbu tactics.

It was pretty good and tough to take down. Because of Anbu Tactics the damage that Guy dealt on Mystery to himself was essentially nullified.

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For Clarification, the Guy [Gate of Shock] 2nd passive increases attack and combo by 30% for Kohona tagged units I believe

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can you use the bond skill at 3 stars?

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  • tobixsenju On 2019-12-12 22:58:26
  • can you use the bond skill at 3 stars?

sadly no

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