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[ PVP ] Highest damage mystery


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Yo I was wondering which ninja has the single highest damage mystery in the entire game? Assuming that power and buffs are equal amongst all the ninjas.

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Also orochimaru akatsuki one.

But if i have to guess I'm quite sure is water main's skewering.

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Edo Deidara and maybe Guy [gate of shock] and maybe Madara founder of konoha and normal gaara

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No buffs? Well that's a silly question. If you're running a lineup without buffs for your team you're doing it wrong. If you're going to limit it like that I'll say GNW Tenten. She does all elemental damage and both Tai and nin.

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I want to say, any ninja that deals heavy damage, such as Gaara.

However....we would also have to take into account of what buffs that ninja can buff itself with. Because of that, its too much work to really answer.

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