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[ Events ] Where are advance refines?


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As my post was removed for no reason, or as they like to call it, it starts drama... Again Oasis you said that you will deal with the new runes(cap), by helping with advance refines... so far more was removed than gained... you need to be a whale to get from lvl 9 to lvl 10... lovely i must say. So when will you implement that, you said less than a month... Give me a straight answer for once!

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As of this moment, you can redeem Advance Refine Rune in Monthly Event, Groceries Shop, and Space-Time Shop, as well as from Sage World Battlefield by participating in it. On the other hand, I would like to inform you that our team is currently reviewing suggestions regarding the reappearance of Advance Refine Runes in the other shops of the game. Please be patient for now. Rest assured that all of you will be informed once a decision is set. Thank you.

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