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Is edo Madara the best one? Could someone give me a review?


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how good is he and where does he rank among all Madaras? Thanks.

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He is rather mediocre from what I seen.

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-Barrier is always up on the first round, even if you have less overall ini (this is really nice, since you'll always clear the buffs of your opponent or take over their barrier if they have one), also great barrier agaisnt Chakra-based teams (Ay, Kakuzu)

-Nice chase, synergizes with Kushina and is great agaisnt Chakra-based teams (Ay, Kakuzu)

-Ninjutsu Immune

-Is Immune to debuffs


-His mystery doesn't really do much (should've had super armor supress, but whatever), same with his standard, but at least his standard can start his chase

-His barrier is easily counterable nowadays due to the amount of manual barriers.

-His leech is kinda thrown in there, you won't really benefit a lot from it.

-Mediocre damage

He is a rather nice support for Kushina mostly, I'd consider him equal to all the other Madaras (except ST Founder Madara) in terms of being supports. Skill Trial Founder Madara is the best Madara imo, but since he's rather expensive, this Madara isn't that bad and it's a nice option if you want a Pos 3 Ninja for a Kushina team.

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