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[ Lineup ] What's the next ninja I should focus on?


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Hello! First of all, I wanna say thank you to the admins and other ppl who have answered my previous questions and payed attention to my posts. I appreciate that.

Here's my new line-up including my SOSP who I recently got. Question is: What do you think of the lineup, is it good? And, second question is: How can it become better?


What I mean is - Should I replace someone? And is there a specific event ninja I should focus on? (I'm thinking of Edo Itachi rn) but is there a better idea? To help you answer that I'm sharing my ninja list:


additional information:

Im F2p.

By "focusing on event ninja" I mean mostly Fuku Deal. Cuz I wanna try em cuz I never have. And cuz I was collecting/buying SOSP from different events and wasnt that interesting. Just my opinion ofc.

I'm also thinking about whether I should collect that * 30k coupouns for a good event ninja (cuz it takes a lot of time for a F2p) OR regulary spend on Lucky board to gain more power like some ppl suggest on the forum.

Thank you in advance!

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Personally I would say Itachi Uchiha [Edo Tensei]. He is in many events so collecting free fragments over time shouldn't be a problem.
And about stacking coupons over time and use it in 1 go is always a smart decision, when Fuku Deal's is up.

However even if you collected 20k coupons, and want to use it all on lucky board, for the ninja or power items isn't a bad choice, as a Fuku Synergy most of the time have a synergy with events that aren't really popular to spend on.

This is a great team to run if you have Itachi Uchiha [Edo Tensei]

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You could switch killer bee with iruka OR switch killer bee with iruka and swap gaara with hashirama...

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