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[ Fanfiction ] Unleashing the Darkness.


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*With Midnight and Griffon, passing through doors of Temen Ni Gru*

Midnight: *sigh* I wanted a normal life, without any problems. Now my demonic daughter came to us, and besides she have my Yamato. Lucky of me, I have my old sword. It's a little rusty, but like I've said... "no matter how strong is your sword. The idea, is know how to control it".

Griffon: Well, you go-

*Suddenly, a giant demon appeared. That demon, it was Beowulf*

Beowulf: That smell...! You're the son of Sparda! I remember this scent! The scent of betrayal!

Midnight: Beowulf, huh? I always hated this beast.

Griffon: Ooooh, genius, says "be careful". Yeah, no sh*t, Shirley! Ain't that right, Midnight? I mean, you ARE a little in troubles now you've lost your Yamato, we're going to fight against your prodigy demonic daughter, and you have that pathetic sword of yours on your hands. I'm just saying running away is okay. It's always okay to run away, if you're not up for it!

Midnight *reading*: "He who desires but act not, breeds pestilence" *closes his book*. So it is written.

Griffon *on Midnight's arm*: Okay, Midnight... just remember this: "You and I like to exist. So get rid of those demons quick, 'cause killin' them ain't my shtick! I got your back, 'cause dying is w*ack!"

Midnight: Nice sentence, my friend... are you ready to fight?

Griffon: You can bet it!

Beowulf: *roars*

*Imagine the fight by yourself :3*

*With Breeze and Shadow*

Breeze: Why Midnight left me, his giant and killer kitty?

Shadow: *meows*

*They passed a door, and then, a incredible cold wind stopped them a little*

Breeze: What the...?

*King Cerberus was chained in front of Breeze*

King Cerberus: Leave at once! Only Lady Saori and Arkham can pass through these doors!

Breeze: Lady Saori, huh? By the way, I've never saw a talking mutt before... Surely if you go in one dog contest, you could get first place, buddy!

Cerberus: A little human... mocking me?! *shakes everything*

Shadow: *growls and roars*

Breeze: Hmpf, whatever. If I have to kill you, I'll just do it.

Cerberus: ... Your husband... fought against our kin... in the past... But I'm the King of the Cerberus tribe!

Breeze: Looks like your master's got you on a pretty short leash. Come on, little puppy, I have a cute kitty for you! Come on! *claps twice*

Cerberus: *roars* WE will feast on your flesh, and gnaw on your bones! *breakes the chains*

Breeze: So... you're the strongest in the litter. Looks like we're gonna need a bigger leash. Come on!

*Imagine this fight too :3*

*With Scarlet*

Scarlet: This place is like... one theater. Who'll be my opponent?

*After those words, a lot of bats started to surround one weird woman. That demonic woman, was Nevan*

Nevan: ...

Scarlet: *smiles*

Nevan: Welcome, sir...

Scarlet: Whoa...! What a beatiful woman...!

Nevan: Come on, dear... you're more cute...

Scarlet: You'll be nice to me, won't you?

Nevan: It's your first time here... isn't it? I'll be so nice with you... that you don't wanna get out of here...

Scarlet: Showtime, baby! *takes his Devil Sword Scarlet*

*Imagine this fight too*

*Meanwhile with Saori...*

Saori *inside of Lair of Judgement's room*: ... what a weird place... hmm?

*She saw a little hole, where she had to put something right there*

Saori: That's the place, huh? *smirks*

*A giant Beowulf stopped her*

Beowulf: You...! Lady Saori!

Saori: What do you want, Beowulf?

Beowulf: I won't listen your orders anymore! NOBODY CONTROLS ME! *tries to stomp her*

Saori: *jumped, she made a lot of cuts on a incredible speed, and she stood on Beowulf's head*

Beowulf *surprised*: Y-You're not human... what the hell... *Saori covers Yamato on his sword holster* ... are you?

*Beowulf's head started to fall in pieces on the floor. Some blood covered the floor of that place*

Saori: ... Pathetic. As many time I have Yamato, nobody can't stop me.

*A light came out from Beowulf's body, going to Saori. The devil lady catched it, and his hands and foot were covered with gauntlets and greaves. She got Beowulf devil arm*

Saori *with Beowulf*: Hmmm... nice...

*The devil lady punched Beowulf's dead body, she jumped and with one kick, she cutted the demon's dead body in two*

Saori: Good weapon. Now... let's continue with my plan...

*She went to the center place of the room, where that hole was there. Saori took Yamato, and she made a cut on her hand. Blood came out, and it falled inside of it. Not only that, she took her necklace and Kazu's necklace. The amulets got fused, and it went inside of that hole*

Saori: Now... let's wait...

*Meanwhile with Kazuya*

Kazuya: *wokes up* N-Nggg... Saori... what the hell happened to you?

*The devil blond hunter stood up, took his Red Queen... and he went to the edge of that tower. He thinked about his big sister*

Kazuya: Onee-san... YOU WILL PAY FOR WHAT YOU'VE DONE! *punches a statue on his side*

*The statue got broken. Kazu's wound created by Yamato got healed, he summoned his energy wings, and he jumped*

Kazuya: *jumps from the edge*

*A lot of demons appeared, trying to stop him. But Kazu's reflexes were better, killing them with his Blue Rose, crushing them with his energy wings, and cutting someones with his Red Queen*

Kazuya: Just wait, onee-san... I won't lose against you anymore!

*Meanwhile with Midnight and Griffon*

Midnight: *pant* *pant*

Beowulf: Vergil... the Darkslayer... you'll pay... for what you've done... another one like me... will stop you! *dies and his soul goes to Midnight*

*Midnight got Beowulf's devil arm. He started to make some Taijutsu movements with his new weapon*

Midnight *with Beowulf*: Jackpot!

Griffon: Good job, kid! You've got a new weapon, and you control the power of light now! Come on, try to break that wall! Surely we can continue our path if you break it!

*Midnight jumped and with one kick with Beowulf, he destroyed the wall*

Griffon: Let's go!

Midnight: Yes!

*Meanwhile, with Breeze and Shadow*

Breeze: *with blood on her arms and a little in her mouth*

Cerberus *with only one head*: How... can a mere human... beat me?!

Breeze: Telling you the truth... I'm not the only one who had beated you... *pant* *pant*

Cerberus: In any case... you showed me your bravery... You're Saori's mother, isn't it?

Breeze: And what if I am?

Cerberus: You have to stop her... she will take control of the Underworld... Please... take my soul and keep your path! You have my blessing!

*Cerberus died and his soul went to Breeze*

Breeze: *catches Cerberus's soul*

*Before to do something, the woman fall on the floor. Shadow approached her, and his body started to cover her*

Breeze: What the...?!

*Breeze was inside of Shadow's body*

Breeze: Where am I?

*She saw that a ball of dark energy was approaching her*

Breeze: *touches it*

*That ball, covered Breeze's arms with dark energy. When Breeze came out from Shadow's body, her arms had some tattoos*

Breeze: I'm feeling a incredible energy flowing on my body... You and I made a contract, isn't it?

Shadow: *meows*

Breeze: Good kitty *pets him, and after that, she takes Cerberus's devil arm* (Go to 1:44 minute. Replace Dante by Breeze)

Breeze: *breaks a wall with the electric mode of Cerberus* I guess I'm the one who will pass from this place... I like that! Come on, killer kitty!

Shadow: *meows and runs with Breeze*

*With Scarlet* (Replace Dante with Scarlet :P)

Nevan: *falls on Scarlet's arms* My, my... you're so sweet... *tries to bite him*

Scarlet: *shoots Nevan's stomach with his pistol* You think so, right?

Nevan: ... Okay... I'll help you... *sigh* You're the first man that I want to help... *takes Scarlet's face with her hand* and the first man I've fall in love...

*Scarlet got Nevan's devil arm*

Scarlet: *touches a good song with his new devil guitar*

*Finally, with Saori...*

Saori: ... Why isn't this working?! Is there something missing? Must more blood be shed?

*Kazuya appears*

Kazu: It seems you're having a bad moment, onee-san.

Saori: Kazuya... *takes Yamato*

Kazuya: So... my necklace is the key that allows you to connect our world with the demon one... good plan, sis.

Saori: Just the opposite... originally it was the key to the demon world, but it was given to humans as a gift.

Kazuya: ... It doesn't matter if is one way or the other one... but the important thing... I've went to you again... *takes his Red Queen* I'm sure you have time for one more game... right?

Saori: *covers Yamato* Why not? After all we share the same blood *summons Beowulf's devil arm* I'll just more of your blood to undo grandpa's little spell *cold smile*

Kazuya: So... you wanna a piece of me, literally... Okay, big sister... come and get it, if you can!

The end.

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King Cerberus: Leave at once! Only Lady Saori and Arkham can pass through these doors!

Breeze: Lady Saori :) Do you believe with these hands, I can knock down her down? :)




Saori: *sneeze* ....Someone just mentioned me...

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  • Hina Devil On 2019-10-19 10:22:32
  • King Cerberus: Leave at once! Only Lady Saori and Arkham can pass through these doors!

    Breeze: Lady Saori :) Do you believe with these hands, I can knock down her down? :)




    Saori: *sneeze* ....Someone just mentioned me...


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Awesome bro

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  • Awesome bro

Thanks bro

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