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Itachi Uchiha [Edo Tensei]


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Why do you think he's good?

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itachi edo tensei is one of the most dangerous ninjas...he have the ability to shut down your enemy formation by dropping a deadly debuff at a single unit and if that unit dont have an immune passive skill then it wont be able to escape his izanami mystery dream state..he can be a problem for mostly every team with any main...since even if your enemy have a complete formation with ninjas having immunity they will face harsh times fighting itachi....aiming itachi mystery at your enemy main will cause a serious problem on making their support potential drop down..or even at the unit that posses immune talent in case that unit is having a high amount of buff supporting for damage and endurance itachi mystery will remove any shield and buffs on this unit...which this can be making itachi edo tensei to be a ninjas with so many useful benefits that will allow you to survive under most of the battle situations...for a teams that is having itachi edo tensei on the formation their problem would be to fight a team also having itachi edo tensei....on this battle situation the team with the highest initiative on itachi edo tensei will successfully turn the tides to their favor

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One of the best supports imo.

I hate him so much when I vs against and love using him at the same time.

His qualities are...

- Reflect

- Dream for 2 rounds, can't be healed, unless 30 chakra+ . It's like Itachi Susano and Masked Man in 1 ninja.

- Hard to combo on him, except undodgeable chases, ie Kurama.

- 2x Nin Reduction, I personally think he's best against someone like Kakuzu, Konan and Hiruzen, those heavy nin users.

- His standard hits quite decent and can be combo starter, and cannot miss. This boy makes sure he will do something for you.

- Chase x10 and ignite 3 rounds, easy to do Hit-Combo

- Support all mains

- Versatile, can be used in both buffs and de-buffs teams. Lots of excellent attributes to play around

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