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I come here bringing new ST ideas to some ninjas that I think could be more used.

Hope you enjoy it. ^^

Kakashi Skill Trial

Mystery Skill: Raikiri – Cause Lightning attribute damage, Repulse and Critical to the selected opponent’s unit.

Standart Attack: Kunai Attack – Attacks the opponent’s front row and has a chance of causing 3 combo and High Float.

Chase Attack: Fire Style – Fire Ball Jutsu – Chase and attacks a High Floated unit, causes Low Float and ignition. (Damage Increased by 20%).

Chase Attack: Earth Style – Fanged Pursuit Jutsu – Chase and attacks Low Floated units, causes Knockdown and Immobile. This ability ignores a certain amount of Defense and Resistance.

Passive: Sharingan – Whenever an enemy unit uses a Mystery Skill, Kakashi’s Ninjutsu is increased by 15%.

Kisame Skill Trial

Mystery Skill: Water Style – Water Shark Bomb – Causes Water attribute damage to up to 4 of the opponent’s units while absorb all of the opponent’s Chakra. The selected unit will have all its Shields and Buffs canceled and will suffer from Knockdown. (This ability cannot miss)

Standart Attack: Shark Skin Attack – Attacks the opponent’s front row and absorbs up to 20 Chakra points and has a chance of 3 combo and Knockdown.

Passive: Chakra Swallowing – Recover life by 10% when your team recovers Chakra.

Chase Skill: Water Style – Water Shark Bomb – Chase and attacks Low Floated units, causes Repulse, and increasing the target Mystery Skill cooldown by 1 round.

Passive: Shark Skin Expansion – For each Chakra point over 50, Kisame increases 2% of Ninjutsu and Critical by 1%. Also when this unit causes a Critical Hit, the unit who suffered the Critical Hit will suffer from immobile.

Kakuzu Skill Trial

Mystery Skill: Limb Reattachment – Restores 50% health of selected unit and cancels all this unit’s debuffs. When the selected unit is an Akatsuki ninja, they receive a 30% increase Critical Rate.

Standart Attack: Wind Style – Pressure Damage – Cause Damage to up to 3 enemies High chance of causing Repulse

Chase Skill: Tentacle Punch – Chase and Attacks a High Floated and causes Knockdown. Can be trigged 2 times each round.

Chase Skill2: Fire Style - Fire Migraine – Trigged with at least 20 Combo, cause damage to 4 random enemy units and Ignition.

Passive: Earth Grudge Fear - Every time a unit is defeated, this unit will recover 10% of it’s life. Can be triggered 5 times each round.

Karin Skill Trial

Mystery Skill: Vigor Regeneration – Heals the selected target by 65% of base Ninjutsu and removes all debuffs.

Standart Attack: Double Healing Jutsu – Heals 2 units with the least Life on your team and disperse 1 debuff on the target.

Chase: Adamantine Chain – Chase and Attack a Knocked Down unit and cause High Float. This ability ignores a certain amount of Defense and Resistance.

Passive: Chakra Inhale Jutsu: If the opponent’s unit uses a Chakra consuming skill, you will obtain 100% of Chakra points spent to launch that skill.

Passive2: Persistence – Restores 3% of maximum health each time this unit suffers an attack, and increases resistance by 1%.

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