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[ Bugs ] Ninja Exam 132's Danzo


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This... seems bugged as hell. I'm at least 1.5x over the recommended power for it, and yet I'm getting murderstomped by Danzo, who, in Position 3, must have MAX Initiative, because every round, he gets to attack first, irregardless of what's going on. Three Prompt Mysteries locked and loaded? Danzo says, "SCREW YOU, I AM DANZO!" and pimpslaps my team like we didn't bring him his money. That's not hyperbole -- he'll literally wind cane sword my team over Sasuke's Susan'o Mystery with all the care of a man of celibacy. This is already a pain-in-the-tucus battle, seeing they're all immune to debuffs while spreading Chaos like it's PB&J, but Danzo just breaks the bank here.

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