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[ Events ] Additional Event - October 14th


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Dear Ninja,

We have received some feedback concerning this week's events. To try to meet a more abroad number of players' requests on getting more rewards and rebate, we decided to grab all of your feedback and bring new event on time for this week.

"Anniversary Red Envelope" added!

Every single recharge can get you an unbelievable rebate! Send or Get Red Envelopes! Celebrate together!

Period: Oct 14th-Oct 20th

How To:

a) During the event, obtain a Recharge Rebate and a Red Envelope Rebate for every recharge!

b) Obtain a maximum of 20.000 Coupons as Recharge Rebate and a maximum of 10.000 Coupons to send through Red Envelopes to other members from your Group.

c) Each player can send a maximum of 100 Red Envelopes and can receive a maximum of 5.000 Coupons from other members' Red Envelopes.

d) A Red Envelope which was already sent is valid for 2 hours, after which it will be unclaimable. The value sent inside the Red Envelope will not be returned.

e) Ingots recharged during the period of the event will be ac*ulated to both

Best Regards,

Naruto Online Team

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This article is interesting to me as a Naruto user. CBD for Pain Management

However, it is a past event but nice to know about Anniversary Red Envelope. I wish to attend future events. Thanks for sharing these event details with us.

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red envelope good

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when are the events cycle for tommowrow going to be released

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