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liven up the game


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Good evening, I wanted to advise you to liven up the game,
you should vary more in the events and not repeat the same events for many weeks, it would take some new event or someone who has not left for some time, and maybe some new function.
sage world, should be fixed and make groups based on power and not on level, now many players refuse to do it because they duel with people with 50k or 100k more
Yours sincerely
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unfortunately in terms if making things more lively this game will never be fixed.

1: they will never implement a matching system with a shred of logic to it and matched based on power instead of the absolutely * level matching, a lot of the bigger spenders would not be happy, they are not all like this by any means, but from almost 3 years of *ing around most of them seem to pay to not play the game, they spend so much and level freeze,and * to pre-set bland teams, specifically to avoid competition. if you make them play against each other and actually have to try, it would not go down well.

2: the power matching would make a difference to how lengthy matches could be, but you would still face effectively clones,as meta will always rule, at any given time there are a minimum of 90% of the playerbase using identical lineups.

I wholeheartedly agree with your suggestions, but it will forever be a monotonous game due to how boring we as a player base are.

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I up to people with 10 20 k more I can win but beyond I can't, congratulations you are a good player =)
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I'll be honest with you, I faced a 350k in Matsuri when I was only 220k.

I won despite having 130k power less.

When i was 112k, I managed to beat someone who was around 180k.

Again, I won.

If your opponent has 50k on you, you can still win even at 100k more than you. You can still win. Its all about team composition.

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