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unfortunately in terms if making things more lively this game will never be fixed.

1: they will never implement a matching system with a shred of logic to it and matched based on power instead of the absolutely * level matching, a lot of the bigger spenders would not be happy, they are not all like this by any means, but from almost 3 years of *ing around most of them seem to pay to not play the game, they spend so much and level freeze,and * to pre-set bland teams, specifically to avoid competition. if you make them play against each other and actually have to try, it would not go down well.

2: the power matching would make a difference to how lengthy matches could be, but you would still face effectively clones,as meta will always rule, at any given time there are a minimum of 90% of the playerbase using identical lineups.

I wholeheartedly agree with your suggestions, but it will forever be a monotonous game due to how boring we as a player base are.

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