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can you tell me what you think of my current team


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this team also uses it with the fire main

let me know what you would change

honestly this team doesn't seem very strong I await your advice

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with such a team you might be able to have the best terms to reach a great power i think...but i think your team weakness would be debuffs mostly..there is only roshi to be safe on this side but the other team members will face harsh times from this...nagato can rescue your front line from such situations but if he will get caught with a deadly strong debuff the support rate for the front line will greatly drop down which it will be leaving han open for your enemy strong debuffs ( shisui & itachi edo tensei ) and so on with ninjas like them could be a deadly threat for your team i think...specially that players are using this kind of ninjas alot on these days....your main to be on position 4 while having such talents wont be giving your team great benefits i think since she will be the last to act depending on the action orders for both standard attack and mystery it will be mostly to late to use the shark bomb at the right timing..if your seeking the ability to drain the chakra from your enemy..mostly nagato will be here for this adjusting your main talents and changing the team formation order you might get a high chance to gain a fruitful result i think....

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