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Can you guys give me some lineups for wind, water, or fire main? please and thank you

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good evening...your ninjas collection is wonderful surely and its holding mostly basic ninjas but you might be able to use most of them on creating great team formations...i will be giving few examples of the mains that you mentioned...i hope you may find those examples to be an aid for you....

scarlet blaze team

Screenshot (265)

a team with a high damage potential and a balanced endurance support this team can be working with a wonderful harmony among its members.. on this formation your depending mostly at the overall team working between your units..since all your members are secret jutsu users except chiriku..your main and hinata will be giving a great amount of damage boost at the start of the battle..sasuke will be mostly giving benefits to hinata with his barrier to boost her damage and to also counter your enemy barrier...replacing him with suit sasuke instead will be giving you a different effect during the battle combat but will be also giving you wonderful benefits...but i think this form of sasuke can be giving you a better result and might also give you a higher chance to reach a great potential specially on causing more damage to your enemy and with such a team your endurance support will keep the balance of your team surely..chiriku will be supporting all your members with endurance surely..your main will be supporting the team with damage boosting and protection from debuffs....hinata will be a high threat to your enemy since she will be receiving a combination of a deadly damage support..releasing her mystery attack while having the team support on effect will cause a dangerous amount of damage to your enemy and it will allow your team to trigger a harsh chain of chase attack full with dangerous debuff which it can be fatal to your enemy and especially to none immune will force your enemy to deal with a hard situation surely...problems for you here might be barrier changers and control ninjas i think....

Screenshot (264)

as you see...with such talents both sasuke and hinata will get a great damage support with the chance for a protection from dangerous debuffs supported by your main mystery...bani chakra will allow you to have a high chance on using all your ninjas mystery picked by your choice at round 1 and under the right can give you the chance to trigger hinata mystery starting on round 1 and also sasuke mystery in case your enemy managed to counter hinata auto barrier release....chiriku would be having a high chance to have his mystery triggered at round 1 also...the summon should aid on reaching your team deadly chain of chase attack into the final stage i think..


breeze dancer team

Screenshot (268)

with this formation you will be having the chance to gain the terms to wield a wonderful potential that can provide you with a high support for both damage and endurance that will give you a high chance to have the ability to survive under most of the battle will be mostly depending on your main while having the rest of the team members to be serving your main as a support by boosting her damage and providing her with the chance to escape most of the harsh situations...gaara will be playing an important part here since he will be useful for your team to counter your enemy barrier and giving damage boost to the front line of your team....kurenai will be here to rescue your team members from a near death situation ...and also she will be a problem for enemies that depends on debuffs to win..having her on your team will aid you on generating more chakra which it will be providing gaara a high chance on releasing his mystery attack at an early stage....naruto will be giving a benefit to your team members by aiming his mystery at one of your formation members according to your desire...with his mystery he can be an aid to rescue a unit that is suffering from harsh debuffs and giving a boost to the critical rate for the selected unit...using his mystery at your main will allow her to gain a support to cause more damage and an extra standard attack to generate more clones which it will allow you to have a better chance on protecting your front line surely...problems for you here might be barrier changers and chakra draining ninjas i think..

Screenshot (267)

with such talents combined with kurenai chakra will be having a high chance to release all of your team members mystery talents during a specific round..and mostly on an early round which it will be causing a serious problem for your enemy if they did not manage to stop your team on time...and with kurenai and naruto you will be having the chance to survive for a long while in order to turn the battle tides to your favor and to achieve victory...


azure fang team

Screenshot (270)

a pure water attribute team that can go on a wonderful harmony which it can provide a deadly team working among the formation members...on this team your also depending at the overall team work of your formation...having your main to be the most important part surely while the other members will be serving the team as a support...tenten will be boosting your team attack critical rate which will make your team damage potential reach a high threat level....sai will be having an important and a special work here since he will be giving a high endurance support for both tenten and your main which it will allow them to endure most of the harsh attacks to survive for a while longer surely...he will be a threat to none immune ninjas with his ink lions since it have a high chance to cause immobile debuff and this can be fatal on the battle during fateful moments...yagura will be a dangerous threat to your enemy since he can clone the unit based on your selecting..which it can. allow you to use your enemy formation battle method to your side..combined with sai and yagura and your main..your team will be having the ability to cause a dreadful shut down to the ninjas among your enemy lines which it will result on a dangerous failure to your enemy battle method...your team will be also at its finest level of danger at the first 3 rounds mostly...this can cause a serious problem to your enemy surely...problems for you here might be control ninjas and buff removing ninjas i think.....

Screenshot (269)

with such talents you will be giving a high damage support to the formation.... that will allow your team members to reach a high level of a powerful potential in order to cause a dangerous amount of damage to your enemy..with the summon you will be able to reach the final stage of your dreadful chain of chase attacks that will cause a high damage to your enemy with deadly debuffs to fall on a single unit...this will be causing a high threat to your enemy surely....


those are all the examples..i hope you may find them worthy and helpful for you on most of the situations....your collection is holding good ninjas which you might be able to use them on creating beautiful teams also...i wish for you wonderful results and fruitful efforts !.....

best of luck......

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