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[ Lineup ] Minato Namikaze [Suit] Lineups


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Hey guys!



Mystery: interruption + removing super armor is great, but only on 3 units makes him more suited to be a pos2-3 ninja

Standard Attack: Decent attack

Chase: Same as other minato's also, great scaling and this can make him a good damage dealer

Passive 1: Dodge is always welcome

Passive 2: Now this is why you'd prefer using some female units in your team to benefit from this passive

Overall he is a decent f2p ninja, for newer players they c*e him as pos1 even but I didn't make any pos1 team with him here

I made all teams utilizing his passive 2 and making him more of a damage dealer pos2 ninja

1. Lightning Main



A pretty nice f2p friendly team here, Shizuka is a great ninja and she receives a good amount of support in this team

2. Wind Main



Something to try with Temari, easy to spam her mystery and you have good protection with Wind Main + Gakido

If you want to spam Minato mystery also you should probably use the chakra gain passive 2

3. Wind Main 2



A typical God Angel Konan team, something to try and utilize that female ninjutsu heal

4. Water Main



Also quite f2p friendly, Water Shark Bomb spamming team

You have good protection, chaoses, chakra draining, cooldown increasing etc

5. Fire Main



Good idea to give ninjutsu healing to *ready immortal Kushina right ? :P

Of course you c*so use Fire Main passive and replace minato with another ninja in this team also

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