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[ Fanart ] Do me a favor.


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Going through a lot right now, so I probably wont be making Youtube videos, or playing on the Naruto Online servers.

I had just gotten out of the hospital after getting surgery. (If it showed me online on my server, it was my brother since the acc. was originally his).

Just had a really bad, but good day at the same time.

Also, please keep reading.

I had participated in this thing called "Rachel's Challenge" recently, it all started with a school shooting that happened in 1999, killing 11 students, and 1 teacher, wounding many other students who went to Columbine High School. It really had an impact on me, and I wanted to go and share it around, so here it is. Rachel was a 17 year old who had went to Columbine High School. Rachel was eating lunch on the grass with friend Richard Castaldowhen the shooters opened fireon the west entrance near where she was seated on the grass. According to witnesses, she was hit and fell to the ground where, moments later, one of the shooters came down the hill and shot her at point-blank range when she tried to get up. She died from gunshot wounds to the head, chest, arm and leg, and was one of the first victims in what would soon become one of the nation's most deadly mass shootings.

Rachel was energized by people. This love expressed itself in an outgoing personality; but also in a heartfelt compassion for people in pain. Rachel learned the power of simple compliments and acts of kindness at an early age. In high school she deliberately reached out to three groups of people and wrote about it in her diary. She said, “I want to reach out to those with special needs because they are often overlooked. I want to reach out to those who are new in school because they don’t have any friends yet. And I want to reach out to those who are picked on or put down by others.” Rachel didn’t just write about it, she lived it.

Rachel also understood the power of peer pressure and the need to know, love and be true to herself. It was this understanding that helped her respect and appreciate the people around her; especially those who were in pain or different from her. She did this by looking deeper than the surface into the relatedness we all share. Rachel wrote, “Look hard enough and you will always find a light, and you can even help that light grow.” Being comfortable in her own skin allowed her to fight injustice for others. The understanding that we are all uniquely important was so central to Rachel’s life that in an undated letter to her cousin she wrote: “DON’T LET YOUR CHARACTER CHANGE COLOR WITH YOUR ENVIRONMENT. FIND OUT WHO YOU ARE AND LET IT STAY ITS TRUE COLOR.”

Rachel seemed to know that her life would be short, but that it would be meaningful; and she was at peace with this. When she was 13 years old she traced the outline of her hands on the back of her dresser and wrote: "These hands belong to Rachel Joy Scott and will someday touch millions of people's hearts."She knew her life mattered. Her message to you would be that, no matter your history or cir*stances, your life matters too. She’d ask you to have the courage to do what is right, even if it isn’t easy or popular. She’d encourage you to intentionally reach out to those in need; and would remind you, as she wrote in her final essay,“COMPASSION IS THE GREATEST FORM OF LOVE HUMANS HAVE TO OFFER. I HAVE THIS THEORY THAT IF ONE PERSON CAN GO OUT OF THEIR WAY TO SHOW COMPASSION, THEN IT WILL START A CHAIN REACTION OF THE SAME. PEOPLE WILL NEVER KNOW HOW FAR A LITTLE KINDNESS CAN GO.”

The guy who had talked about Rachel's Challenge, told everyone to close their eyes, and just think about friends and family you love. What would you do if you lost them?

That's the part that got to me.

If everyone could just do me a favor, be nice, even if you just take 2-3 seconds out of your day to show kindness, means a lot to some people, and can change everything.


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