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[ Fanart ] Obito Uchiha v3 | BONUS [*]


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Obito Uchiha v3 [Minimalist]

Obito Uchiha v3 [Minimalist]_1

Obito Uchiha v3 [Minimalist]_2

Obito Uchiha v3 [Minimalist]_2_1

Obito Uchiha v3 [Minimalist]_3

Obito Uchiha v3 [Minimalist]_5

Obito Uchiha v3 [Minimalist]_5_1

Obito Uchiha v3 [Minimalist]_5_2

Credits to: Ito_24


I want to thank all of you for the support I did get for these 2 years from you.

Special thanks to:

No Way Jose




a derps life 2


Akari Chan

上杉 謙信

Azure Blade



Raizel Di Cadiz

Naked Snake

Do I Care? 2






and many more of you

for your opinions, suggestions, credits and more.


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Dammit, Akuma... we still care for you... please don't do this to yourself

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look, i'm really sad right now, and I know this isn't the place for me to bawl my eyes out. But hear me out. I know life has been difficult for you in these past months, but that is not how you deal with it. I'm not going to bring up any sensitive stuff, but please Akuma... stay strong! I don't want this to happen!

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what am i hearing here ?! ..finally after i found someone with a wonderful style of art that person is going to quit now ?....i dont know about you so much or i never had the chance to know you better i think... but i am surely one of your art can surely bring cruel and dark days to us.....but you just have to endure it somehow friend...because no matter how dark the days could get there is always hope to survive harsh times....look between the dark....there is surely a thin ray of hope just have to find it and grab on it till a new hopeful day comes for your aid ..

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?? :( ?? what's happening ?? :( ??

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