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[ Azure Fang ] Question About Poison Tai


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hello friend, newbie here..
so, earlier today i play in arena and meet earth main.
his line up consist of gaara, shikamaru, naruto and earth main who take add shield each round and steel armor (cannot be combo).
i can kill shika and naruto with realtive ease and cripple gaara and earth main to half hp (maybe one third).
everything is fine, until maybe around round 5 or so. every ninja in my line up start to not activating poison tai to gaara and earth main even after they use taijutsu attack.

what happen? why my ninjas not activating poison tai? does poison tai have round limit to be activate?
if so, why there is no explanation in skill description?

please help,

BTW, i use naruto 3* kakashi hinata and water main (obviously)
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They are shielded so the poison Tai or any effect doesn't go through. Except for chaos.. and immobile. i think.
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Poison and Ignite go through shield.

I killed Earth shield with Poison and ignite.
With the comp you mention above they dont have healer.
So stacks poison is the best way to kill them. Max stack does 3000 HP I think.

I'd prefer someone with AOE Tai such as.

Chance to block
Resistance stacks after taking dmg

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  • Fooshy On 2016-09-17 22:23:12
  • They are shielded so the poison Tai or any effect doesn't go through. Except for chaos.. and immobile. i think.
Yep. Poison Tai can't go through shield.
Chaos and immobile can, I think.
Ignition c*so go through shield.
But not poison tai . .
I do not know if this applies to poison fog (that one mystery nobody uses) or Mei Terumi's poison, though.
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Poison goes through the shield what are you all talking about, that's the point of poison.
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poison tai doesnt work if they have shield on them
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only poison tai passive from water main that didnt work on shielded enemy. other poison like kankuro, karin, shizune, worked, maybe mei passive with her barrier worked too.
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Poison Tai talent only works if you are able to damage their health with Taijutsu. If they are shielded, the Taijutsu damage wont reach their health and so the Poison Tai isn't going in effect.

But you can poison them with Karin, (GNW) Kankuro, Shizune and the like.
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