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[ Strategy Share ] MISC Team. Need your Opinion.


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Hey Lads ! Cool that you stumble over my Post - I need your Help!

I am a Monthly Card Player. I play on a pretty ,, new ,, Server (almost 2 months old) and during my Adventure I kind of got Lucky with the Ninja´s.
I got Ay(Third Raikage) from a Summer Badge Pack, got my Edo Minato last Week and now I am 2 Frags away from getting EarthGrudge Kakuzu.
Now obviously I want to create a Team with those cool Ninjas but as you surely already noticed: They don´t really synergize together.
I did create some Teams and would need YOUR Opinion on it.

Here come the Teams:

POS1 Minato - POS2 Kakuzu - POS3 Tendo Pain - POS4 Earth Main. Chameleon Summon.
This Team has 9 Combos and triggers Kakuzu´s Chase. With the Earth Main Chakra Passive I would be able to launch Tendo Pains Mystery Round 1. If I switch Tendo to Position 2 and Kakuzu to Position 3 I can be a 100% sure that Tendo will be Cleared from his Debuffs but POS3 Kakuzu feels wrong. What do you think?

I thought of remplacing Tendo with Ay to get the Immobile but I have no real Debuff Clear and if Ay get´s CC It shuts down my whole Combo. And Kakuzu´s Passive would be a Waste.

POS1 Minato - POS2 Kakuzu - POS3 FiveKage Temari - POS4 WindMain. Fox Summon.

Temari buff´s Minato with her Wind Style Enhancement + Shields Earth and Wind Ninja´s. With Flower Dance from my WindMain, both my Main and Temari are Immune to Debuffs. I see a great potential in Damage using Minato and Temari Mystery during Round 2. This Team has a 8 Combo on every Ninja but does not trigger Kakuzu´s 30 Chase.

I tried on both Teams to fit in Seven Swords KillerBee and Gaara but if I do that I have 0 Combo and Minato´s Standard Attack and this is something I really don´t like. But I´am unsure of that fact. Killer Bee giving a second standard attack to kakuzu could be very helpful to do some good damage Round 1. Maybe enough for Minato to clear up the ennemy team solo in Round 2. Not to forget that Bee also buffs Minato.

I´am kind of Lost right now and split between these 2 Teams. I have a huge preferance for the Earth Main Team. Its seems more durable but that could be just me.
I have no other Pain exept Tendo and I only have the Standard Akatsuki Members (missing Konan). My other Ninja´s are not worth mentioning exept maybe Iruka, Sasuke BT and Kurenai BT.

Do you think one of these 2 Team´s could be viable? ( At least until I get some other Ninja´s )
What Team do you prefer ?

Thanks for reading all of this! I´am very curious to see what you Guys think ! Hope you can give me some advices.

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