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[ Strategy Share ] MISC Team. Need your Opinion.


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2# looking at the explanation of your team work and your formations...both of the 2 examples are great indeed and you have so many options to adjust the teams in order to get a specific benefit...i assume the first team example with the crimson fist would be good to try since your team working among your formation ninjas can be going so well...with a high chance to complete your team chain of chase attacks...tendo pain might be giving your team a better advantage than the raikage by a slight chance...since he will be gaining more benefits while kakuzu is on the team and this will aid on building your team damage and endurance place kakazu at position 3 on such a team cant be so bad i think because its not a meta team for kakuzu and he is more likely to be serving as a support for your front line while also causing great damage ..the only problem for kakuzu at position 3 that he wont be able to stop your enemy mystery at position 1 and 2...but minato would be an aid for such a situation surely

the second team example will be focused on giving most of the benefits and support for minato..which will arm him with a deadly damage potential when you use his mystery at round 2...your fighting method is good with this team...also your main and temari will surely endure most of the debuffs to make them survive for a while longer in order to support minato..and this can surely be great to allow your team to wield a powerful potential specially at the first 3 rounds i think...

gaara can be giving better benefits for both teams and he can be helpful to give you a chance on countering your enemy barriers i think unlike killer bee since killer bee can only be useful on giving kakuzu an extra standard attack... also killer bee can be working with a wonderful harmony on the same team with minato ....

its surely hard to create a team formation that is having both edo tensei minato and kakuzu together since both of them requires a special support formations or a meta formation...but there is a chance for you to adjust those team into a better form that will allow you to have the highest terms on making a great team with a wonderful power potential...maybe there is few examples which you could try

for an example...position 1 minato position 2 iruka position 3 killer bee position 4 wind main...with such a formation and while having the right talents and summons...your team members will be giving minato a massive damage support i think...this will make him dreadful to your enemy and specially on round 2 surely....

as for kakuzu if you had konan then i would have suggest on using her with kakuzu surely..since she can be a great damage and endurance support for kakuzu...but with this team your ultimate threat will be control ninjas since your enemy will mostly focus at kakuzu....if your enemy is having edo tensei itachi on their formation they will surely use itachi mystery to drop a dream mode on kakuzu for 3 rounds..meaning that your team is already defeated and the battle will be over before it even starts your only escape would be having a strong resistance on kakuzu or a strong healer and debuff clearing ninja or also having itachi on your team formation too....minato will be safe on this side because of his immune talent i think.... and this will be giving you a better chance to handle most of the combat situations...

hope you find those examples to be helpful on aiding you to make the right decision...wish to you fruitful efforts and wonderful results...

best of luck...

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