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[ Events ] The worst week ever.


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I would like to express through this post my dissatisfaction with this week events.

After the controversial refine update a few weeks ago I hoped the company would try to please the players in some way, by bringing in good events, new amazing ninjas or even new breakthroughs or skill trials, but that's not what happens.

Last week for example, the only event that really attracted me was the cave exploration rebate, and as I had already managed to collect enough keys on Wednesday I could spend all my keys on Thursday morning, and during the other 6 days I simply logged into my account to do Convoy and Plunder and Team Instances.

This week is even worse, there is not even an interesting event with good exchanges, no amazing new ninjas even a new BT or ST.

I sincerely hope that next week will have more attractive events, because to keep the interest of the players in the game you must always offer them something that makes them happy.

TY all

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glad i am not the only one feeling this way specially considering some events pricing that reach some ridiculous levels.

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JuSt QuIt

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There was a time, about 2-3 years ago, when i was as naive as you about this company (no offense).

The problem of oasis is that they do not have any ideas about what responsibility and accountability mean, so, as a consequence, they also do not get the concept of fair compensation and of making up for their mistakes.

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