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[ Plot ] Naruto: Dimensional Wars (I need help with the other dimensions)


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I need help with this plot for a fictional video game.

Here how the Video should play out when you get the game:

When you start the story mode.

Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki pops up on the screen and starts to speak, "I'm the Sage of Six Paths, I been sensing huge friction among the fandom. So I'd create this game to help this friction be no more. I have to warn you about these dimensions. More Dimensions you visit harder the next Dimension would be. Heck, you might have to fight me at one of these Dimensions. I would've loved to test your skills but you are not at that level since you just brought the game. My wife wants to speak to you." He vanished and Princess Kaguya Ōtsutsuki shows up.

She speaks, "It's nice to see my daughters and my sons. Now that you are here. I just need you to create your character and which clan you want to be part of and which bloodline you want your character to have. After I'll send you to the desire Dimension you want to go to. I know children sometimes don't listen to their elders. So I'll just want to repeat the warning my husband warned you about visiting other Dimensions. Also, Beware of the Dimensional Guardians. They are your true foes in this game. Fanboys and Fangirls of all the pairings would try to get you into their dream dimension. You have to stay the course. By the way, I wish to fight with you once again but This time I'll come out the winner! I guess I have to wish you luck on your dimensional journey." Then she vanished.

Here are the dimensions:

  1. Dimension 1: is Canon.
  2. Dimension 2: NaruSaku, SasuIno, ChoHina, ShikaShiho, & KankuroTenten.
  3. Dimension 3: NaruTema, ShikaShiho, ChoIno, LeeSaku, SasukeTamaki
  4. Dimension 4 NaruSaku, SasuKarin, ChoIno, KibaHina, NejiTen, YamatoAnko, IrukaShizune, KakashiHana Inuzuka, & ShikaTema
  5. Dimension 5: Naruto goes rogue and gathering all the normal rogue ninjas to create a new village. Called, Village hidden in the Cherry Blossoms.
  6. Dimension 6: NaruSaku, SasuTema, ShikaIno, & ChoTen.
  7. Dimension 7: Naruto Joined the Sound village.
  8. Dimension 8: NaruSaku, SasuHina, ChoIno, LeeTen, ShinoIsarabi, NejiYakumo, YamatoAnko, IrukaShizune, KakashiHana Inuzuka, ShikaTema, KibaTamaki, SaiKarin, EbisuTsunami, KankuroKarui, GaaraMatsuri, & OmoiKurotushi. (I'm take this dimension for my own.)
  9. Dimension 9: Naruto joined Akatsuki.
  10. Dimension 10 NaruSaku, SasuTen, & ShinoHinata.
  11. Dimension 11: Naruto join Kumo Village.
  12. Dimension 12: NaruSaku but Sakura dies.
  13. Dimension 13: NaruShion, Sakura becomes the Hokage but Sasuke and Rock Lee dies.
  14. Dimension 14: Sakura and Ino joined forces to save Naruto.
  15. Dimension 15: Naruto joined the Iwa village.
  16. Dimension 16: Naruto joined Haku and Zabuza.
  17. Dimension 17: Naruto joined Root aka the Foundation.
  18. Dimension 18: Naruto joined the Twelve Guardian Ninja.
  19. Dimension 19: Naruto was adopted by Jiraiya.
  20. Dimension 20: Naruto was adopted by Tsunade.
  21. Dimension 21: Naruto was adopted by Kakashi.
  22. Dimension 22: Naruto was adopted by Anko.
  23. Dimension 23: Naruto was cursed Mark.
  24. Dimension 24: Naruto joined Dotō’s Three-Man-Team.
  25. Dimension 25: Naruto joined the Four Celestial Symbols Men.
  26. Dimension 26: Naruto joined the Gato.
  27. Dimension 27: Naruto joined the Haido’s Knights.
  28. Dimension 28: Naruto was adopted by Tsunami from the Waves arch.
  29. Dimension 29: Naruto joined the Mist Village.
  30. Dimension 30: Naruto joined Furido’s 4-Man Team
  31. Dimension 31: Naruto joined the Star Village.


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