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[ Lineup ] Madara Uchiha [Edo Tensei-Release] lineups


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Hey guys!



Mystery: A simple mystery that does a lot of damage, 12 units so it's good in bonds/gnw

Battlefield Cooldown: 1, Cooldown: 2, Chakra Cost: 40

Standard Attack: Pretty much same like breakthrough Madara standard

Chase: Same as Edo Hashirama chase, full chakra drain + immobile is really nice

Passive 1: Very strong and interesting passive, and no one can counter the buff/shield removal since it's a passive

Passive 2: Debuff immunity and being able to have super armor also + heal while in explosive mode, the only ninja after Susano Itachi that can have both of those without the help of other ninjas

Overall he's definitely a strong ninja, but more suited toward cancer-ish lineups because of his buff/shield removal passive

1. Fire Main



Although he does have ninjutsu immunity so Edo Itachi doesn't help him, but he definitely helps the other ninjas in lineup

Obito's passive buff is un-removable so that stays but Fire Main passive can be changed to Ninjutsu Urge

Bani Chakra is there in case of your enemy removing the barrier so you can gain chakra

2. Fire Main 2



Again here also it would be better to use Ninjutsu Urge, and bani chakra is if your barrier gets removed so you could use the other mysteries

You c*e Hashirama's mystery to change the barrier also

3. Earth Main



Pain Gakido can reduce Madara's mystery cooldown so he can spam it for more rounds and utilize his explosive mode

Also addition of cooldown increasing chase is very welcome

4. Earth Main 2



A bit of a change, better to lose the barrier here so you can gain chakra for both mysteries in round 2 :P

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